About the Features category (1)
Add a GeoJSON export to Briefcase and Aggregate ( 2 3 ) (47)
Allow more control over variable-naming syntax (14)
Collect: Extend audit log to include GPS coordinates ( 2 ) (21)
Form design: grid of text or numeric input (9)
Sending a text message (SMS) or email from a form in Collect (12)
Adding Mapbox vector tile basemaps ( 2 ) (22)
User email in form metadata fields (1)
ODK Central Future Briefcase Setup (2)
Barcode widget: Add option to manually type value (5)
Collect: keep history of changes to values in the form (11)
Export/Import multiple tables at once in ODK Tables (1)
Automatically generate commas in value fields for every 1000 (9)
Visual display of groups in Collect (11)
ODK picture naming (11)
Layer zooming level (1)
Standardize on ISO8601 for date and time exports in Briefcase, Aggregate, Central (5)
Add clickable URL links to hints (2)
Remembering previously entered value in ODK Collect ( 2 ) (26)
Clinometer (6)
Using NFC data tags in ODK Collect (10)
Burmese Calendar (4)
SMS Compression (1)
Enable Case Management/Preloading (13)
Collect: send submissions by SMS and Internet simultaneously (6)
Image widget within Location widget (1)
Sign or annotate a fixed image specified in the form definition (1)
Date formats for input and display in Collect (8)
Form linking (5)
Feature: Briefcase Automation (1)