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Auto-gps implementation on ODK Collect (17)
Push Notifications ( 2 ) (26)
Linking forms in ODKBuild so that they are filled out sequentially in ODKCollect (1)
Separate screen in jump screen for listing repeat items (1)
Sidebar for Repeat Group Navigation? (1)
ODK Collect - autoadvance gui fix (3)
Disable choosing an image, video or audio ( 2 ) (26)
Selfie function for video (1)
Front camera by default (8)
Repeat groups and google sheets upload (16)
Export only most recent or initial submission via ODK briefcase CLI (4)
Web application password complexity (1)
Have option to remove group names in ODK briefcase export (3)
Automatically generate commas in value fields for every 1000 (8)
Use of Plus codes for GPS capture in ODK Collect (4)
Show satellites and time elapsed in geopoint dialog (14)
Adding bulk export of data to Briefcase GUI (10)
More fixed backend database structure after modifying form (12)
A slider widget for selecting a value from a range (11)
Preventing users from swiping back to earlier questions (14)
Send reports to respondents by sms (3)
Preload data on tablet from dynamic CSV file (6)
FAQ or Guide section in ODK Collect Android Application (8)
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Improving how ODK Validate deals with high-dpi diplays (5)
Date formats for input and display in Collect (7)
Audio, text, and location audit in Collect (2)
Stopwatch Widget (6)
Printing GPS co-ordinates+date/time on the picture (3)