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Have a question about form design, installing and using ODK, or are seeing unexpected behavior with an ODK tool, this is the place to get community support. Support is provided by fellow community members, so please be patient, be kind, and say thanks!

The more information you provide, the more likely you are to get your problem solved. To get the best help, please:

  • Use tags to indicate which tool(s) you are having problems with.
  • Describe what you were trying to do when the issue arose. What was the goal of the action that led to the issue?
  • Include information about the devices (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Note 7), operating systems (e.g. Windows 10, Android 6.0.1, etc) and tool versions you are using.
  • Attach screenshots or short videos if possible.
  • Describe the steps you have taken to solve the problem yourself (e.g., “restarted the tablet”).
  • If you get a good response, mark it as the solution.
  • Need urgent help? Try the Marketplace.

Once you've been helped, please pay it forward and help someone else. It takes individual action to make a difference and we really appreciate your help! :heart_eyes:

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