Add button to import Collect settings on Collect Main Menu

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
Enable users to:

  • Access the Import/Export settings from the main menu
  • Hide the Import/Export settings when given admin access via main menu settings
  • See the changes in the Server settings after QR Code scan
  • Rename “Import/Export” to “Configuration QR Code”
  • Replace the Import/Export Settings button from Admin Settings

** 2. The feature **
Note that this is the first design proposed. Another more simple design can be found in the link below.

The Import/Export feature would be renamed to "QR Code Configuration" and would be moved to the main interface. This is to improve the user experience of inexperienced users. Upon scanning a non-default server QR Code, the button will be disabled and would display an informative message on why it is disabled and how to re-enable it as a toast when the button is pressed.

Refer to this link for a more detailed explanation:
More details on design

3. What are some examples of use cases for this feature?
For an initial setup process, users would want to get set up with a server quickly, so having the QR Code scan on the main interface would make it easier. The disable feature on a non-default server setup is to prevent any users accidentally changing the server setting but still giving the user information on how to change it in the event the user does want to change it. The disabled QR Code will also indicate that the application is already set up.

I am part of team that helped built the likert feature. We will be able to contribute to this by building this feature.