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(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #1

Hi, if anyone from Bangladesh, would like to organize a meetup, please post your interest here. Though I live in Canada, originally I am from Bangladesh; therefore I am representing two different Local groups. I will be in Bangladesh September 17 through 28. Thanks

(Razin Mustafiz) #2

@A.N.M_AL-IMRAN - New to the forum but would love to help organize a meetup in Dhaka.

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #3

Hi Razin,

Great! Please propose a date and anyone else is interested, welcome to join.



Hi Imran

Is there any update? I am interested to attend the program.


(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #5

Great! @razin we received a response from one more member interested to join us! Would like to propose a place and date? Nothing formal, just a sharing experience.

(Razin Mustafiz) #6

@A.N.M_AL-IMRAN - sorry for not following up sooner. I'm actively looking for spaces to host the meetup and have a few leads. I should have something more concrete in the next 24 hours.

(Maruf Hasan Nirzhor) #7

Hi every1. Did the meetup happen? If not, are there any plans?

(Azad Likhon) #8

Hlw everyone! If the meetup didn't happened, can we meet now?

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #9


Sure! I will let you know, if I manage to plan any trip to Dhaka soon.