Burkina Faso users 🇧🇫

(Yaw Anokwa) #1

Anyone in Burkina want to organize a meetup?

(Amal Dahounto) #2

Hi, Yaw.
I will do it with a real pleasure.
I will need the help of others Burkina users on the forum, in sharing the information near those who are not on the forum, etc.

(Karim Derra) #3

Hi Yaw,
Yes. That is why I created a community page on Facebook with the aims to bring together all the users of ODK in my homeland, Burkina Faso.
I sent you an message through your messenger (Open Data Kit Community) on Facebook.
Let me know how can we do that.

PS: We already exchanged some messages on 2 or 3 issues with ODK.

(Yaw Anokwa) #4

@Karim_Derra @Amal_Dahounto perhaps both of you can coordinate to do a meetup! Are you both in the same city?

(Amal Dahounto) #5

It is a very good idea that we coordinate to do a meetup.
I, am in Bobo-Dioulasso; and you, @Karim_Derra?

(Karim Derra) #6

I am based in Health Center in Nanoro, very closed to Ouagadougou, our capital city.

(Amal Dahounto) #7

Hi, @Karim_Derra.
It is clear that we are far from eath other, but this does not prevent us from coordinating the organization of the meetup.
I propose that we start communicating about, via skype (@coliasso) or whatsapp (00229 97 33 83 44).

(Karim Derra) #8

Well, we can talk on whatsapp.
However, I should teach at university of bobo in february (I hope). I will contact you when i will be there.

Happy new year.

Skype ID = arredson


(Amal) #9

@Karim_Derra and I chatted via whatsapp and we should meet in February.
See you soon.

(Edmond Tiendrebeogo) #10

Hello every one. I'm intersted by the meetup in Ouagadougou. How the initiative is evolving ?