Canada users 🇨🇦

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #1

Hi, if anyone from Canada, especially from Quebec and would like to organize a meetup, please post your interest here.

(Hélène Martin) #2

Next time I'm in Montréal (my hometown), I'd love to meet up! Will update here when I have a visit scheduled. In the mean time, I hope other Québec users will show interest in connecting.

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #3

Thanks, Hélène,

I would be glad to meet up on your next visit to Montréal and I hope I will get responses from other users in my area to join for an experience sharing session.

(Kristopher Kivutha) #4

Hi.....My name is Kristopher Kivutha. I am from Toronto, Ontario but I am currently in based in Nairobi.

(Brett Collins) #5

HI there,

I'm based in Toronto Canada.


(Craig Savel) #6

Well based in New York but what a great excuse to drive up the Thruway and go to Montreal!!! Hope it happens.