CLI tool to manage Central servers

Buen trabajo compa!!! will there be one for central? or would we have to build that from the ground up?

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Its probably worth mentioning, in case you are not aware, that Central provide a very nice fully-functional REST API. This allows you to do pretty much anything, and can be driven using standard command-line web tools like the ubiquitous cURL. cURL is obviously pretty generic and non-specific to Central (unlike aggregate-cli) but if you dont mind getting your hands dirty you could probably script many of the operations you want to perform using curl/Central REST. eg the following would give you the list of submissions for form $FORM (under project $PROJECT):

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' $HOST/v1/projects/$PROJECT/forms/$FORM/submissions

(I'm using a Unix command-line shell here, hence $FOO shell variables)

Well, the aggregate-cli is a simple Java program that runs shell commands, so it could be adapted to support Central's workflow but I'm guessing that the Central team would prefer to have a tool written in their technology stack instead.

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hmm, i'm not sure! i've advocated for some kind of tool like this for a while now. i had different ideas on how it might be done, but certainly being picky about the technology stack isn't an objection i would advance. if we see a chance for this tool to work for central i'd be all for it!


~Id love to take this on at some point, would need considerable guidance for sure~

Looks like this exists already kind of?