Designing questionnaire on odk xls form

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need help on the attached designed form.the two rows 41& 42 with the highlighted questions in 'red'.I need questions 41 to show answer and the answer should be less or equal to 15 liters ppd to ask question 42.If the answer is bigger it should skip question 42.any help?

(Dr. Gareth S. Bestor) #3

Try this. For 42: ${reason_water_consumption_low}, specify:

relevant = '${amount_water_collected_ppday_note} <= 15'

In ODK XForms, you can use the relevant property to specify when to show/hide a particular question. See conditionally showing questions for details.

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Many thanks Xiphware.will try


Hi family
I have been using the ODK build for some months now for my company's yield survey on cashew, unfortunately for me I have no idea using the ODK xls format. Please can anyone help me to learn this format because I want to use for more works for my company.

Thanks in advance.

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Please check my earlier Forum posting here, which has a few links to useful XLSForm resources.


Thank you Dr. for your response

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Can someone show me how to map households in an ODK phone with these featuring on the map?
1.Name of the community
2.physical features e.g roads, water points,churches....
3.HH with under 5