Documentation for 2.0 querying csvs


(Caroline) #1

Was working away on migrating to rev218 of 2.0, and using old rev208 queries syntax to query csvs for multi-level lists, like the regions/country example in using queries here:
The documentation implied no change, but blanks were showing up rather than actual content in the list. Eventually dug through the selects_demo and found that while the old version/documentation ended with:
the example selects_demo now has:
display: {title: {text: region} } };

When I implemented this additional {title: } component, all my lists worked again (although veeery slowlllly on the big ones).

Wanted to flag this for documentation correction. I would be happy to fix myself if I could figure out how :slight_smile:

(Jeff Beorse) #2

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for catching this! I've submitted a new draft with your changes for the UW team to review. As I mention in this post, we don't have a good infrastructure for contributing to the 2.0 docs yet. But you can open tickets on the issue tracker and use the Documentation label.

Jeff Beorse
Eir Birch

(Caroline) #3

Hi Jeff!

Thanks for moving the correction along! If I catch anything else before the 2.0 documentation infrastructure is going, I will create a ticket and use the documentation label.