Error: [row : 16]List name not in external choices sheet

Hie everyone I was tying to convert a mobile form which i worked on, but to my surprise when i tried to run it through ODK-XLSForm v1.6 its bringing an error, attached is the picture of the error.

Just to point out i have tried using older forms which i had already worked on but am still getting this error.

can you please help?



Hi @benjiekatkam
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could you attach your form? It would help us to investigate the issue.

Malawi UBR Household Registration Form_v1 _Chikwawa_Ndakwera_13.08.2019.xlsx (42.8 KB)

I was able to convert your form using
Could you try again? In your screenshoot, I can see that the version is v1.6.0 but now it's 1.5.0 so maybe that newer one was faulty and was replaced by v1.5.0.

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thanks for your help now it is working perfectly