Google Season of Docs

(Jeff Beorse) #1

This is the inaugural year of Google Season of Docs:

More details are available in this forum post. The short version is that its basically Google Summer of Code but for documentation.

Do we have any plans to participate?

I would have loved to be a mentor for ODKX Docs but I am already participating in GSoC. I know we have plenty of opportunity for a project. @elmps2018, you have contributed documentation in the past, is this something you would want to participate in?

cc @LN and @yanokwa because you have administered GSoC.

(Caroline) #2

This looks like it would be a great opportunity!

I would be happy to help on the content-needing-documentation side and reading content. However, I should note that I still have not figured out how to actually add to the docs with all the coding that entails, so do not feel qualified to be the technical part of mentoring. If a mentor team can be established with someone (not me!) who has a good grasp of the technical side of things I would be happy to team :slight_smile:

(Yaw Anokwa) #3

Thanks for posting this, Jeff! I'm planning on mentoring and recruiting some back up mentors (hi @adammichaelwood and @Jaredbhatti) to work on the ODK docs.

(Adam) #4

I heard my name!

I will be happy to help out as a mentor for this.

(I work at Google now, BTW, so I think I can swing some 20% time for it.
Though - I'm on the TensorFlow team and I think we are planning to participate also.)

(Jeff Beorse) #5

Great! I'm excited for this!

@elmps2018 I'm sure we can find you a technical buddy. I'll add it to the agenda for our next call. I'd be happy to help train someone up in that area as well. I would love to co-mentor but I hesitate to make a time commitment that would overlap GSoC.