Google sheet column name convention(Cant save data)

(Parveen Negi) #1


I have been working on a project in which i have used google drive as my DB but when i try to send data to drive in my excel database , my tablet generates an errors stating invalid column name and for better clarity i have attached a screen shot of the error .

It would be helpful if someone could help me out.

(Grzegorz Orczykowski) #2

Hi @Parveen_Negi

could you try to send a form to a new (empty) sheet? Is it the same then?
Please also attach your form if it's possible, it would be easier for us to reproduce and fix your problem.

(Parveen Negi) #3

Ok sir,
I will send it to you but the issue is that, there are some of the devices which are perfectly sending data to server with same app and some are showing error of invalid column name. When I tried to observe it deeply i see , Devices which has imported xmlns: xsd automatically it is sending data without any hassle but other devices are missing this import.