How to merge the JSON files to one exported file without any missing values

How to MERGE an ODK Briefcase v1.16 exported files to one file (The files are generated based on a number of groups are used).

Hi, @Manne_Munikumar!

I think I need more details about your question in general. I didn't understand your reference to groups in the form in the context of a geojson export.

I can tell you now that merging JSON files requires some technical expertise, and it has to be done carefully to avoid breaking their structure. If you want to merge two geojson files exported by Briefcase - lets call them fileA and fileB - you should:

  • Copy all the elements from the collection at fileB.features from fileB
  • Paste them after the last element in the collection at fileA.features, ensuring there's a comma between the last from fileA and the first from fileB.

This merging method will blindly append all the elements, but there are other ways to merge elements, such as intersection, or substraction. These would require programming skills.