India users 🇮🇳

(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #1

Hi All,

Like to connect with all interested Indian users who can share and help each other.



Proposed governance for ODK 1 Technical Steering Committee
(Narendra) #2

Connected friend provide me your email address.

(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #3

Hi Singh,

My email id is



(Narendra) #4

Thanks Thangav,
I added your email id in my contact and i believe if we will discuss our problem on this plate form, then might be more person will get benefit of that so we would discuss our problem here.

(Anup Krishna) #5

Dear Senthil and Narendrasing

My self.Anup Krishna from Kerala

Let's initiate an ODK group for India
Pls share ur place , contact and mobile

(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #6

Hi Anup,

Welcome to India users.

Let us connect and help each other in using ODK.



(Narendra) #7

Hi Anup,

Its good that you are thinking about India its very appreciated. However this is much big community then Indian one if we will make it.
You will get fast answers in this community, different approaches for making a form and many more thing.
My question is if you will make group then where you will make?


(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #8

India users Local community is already there we can connect there.



(Anup Krishna) #9

Hi Narendrasingh,

As a start we can plan of a WhatsApp group for immediate communication and
sharing of Info, Telegram is also an option.

Once we get to know each other, may be we can collaborate and think of a
better platform.

Thanks & Regards,Anup Krishna P,Specialist MIS,State Program Management
Unit(SPMU),Rasthriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA),Local Self Government
Department,Govt. of KeralaPh: 94960 46910

(Narendra) #10

Awesome thinking we can do this and we can do one more thing we can post a make a newsletter and publish it to all users.


(Anup Krishna) #11

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Join this group, let's meet up

(Anup Krishna) #12

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Join this group let's meet up

(Narendra) #13

I don’t use Whatsapp. It’s personal. I can go with Facebook or LinkedIn


(Anup Krishna) #14

How many members r there in India users community,
How to see all of them

(Ramprasad V) #15


I am Ramprasad. I’m Ramprasad, I work at BAIF Development Research Foundation ( a non-profit based in Pune, India.

We, in our non-profit work on livestock breeding, tree-based farming, natural resources management, technology-led initiatives, etc. I have been using ODK since August 2016 and I am really thankful to the community for developing an open-source mobile based offline data collection platform.

I am currently working on ICT led initiatives in the rural development space in India. I hope to be an active part of this community and increase its awareness in India.

I am a person with diverse interests such as arts, technology, ecology, development and co-learning. I like to undertake a lot of field visits, cycling and hiking trips, etc. More about me here:

You can contact me at


(Gokul Sai Chandan Seethiraju) #16

Hello all,

I am Gokul Sai Chandan . I am from Hyderabad . I work in Jodhpur . I have started working on ODK for a project related to Health. Looking forward for good interaction.

Thanks and Regards,

(Narendra) #17

Hi @SGSC, your welcome. We are always here.

(Yaw Anokwa) #18

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