"Internal Server Error (out of quota?)" error (and solution!)

We have been working on an ODK 2.0 project for a while and had originally set up an Aggregate server on Google App Engine. We were just adding another tablet to our workflow today, and when we were at the step to set up the link to the server in ODK services, after entering the url, user name, and passwords, when we got to verify user permissions, then got the error "Internal Server Error (out of quota?)"

Took us a while to figure out what the error was (everything is happy now) but I wanted to post this in case anyone else has the same problem, since when we googled "Internal Server Error (out of quota?)" there were zero results.

It turns out we had downloaded rev214 of the tools to the tablet. We had been working with rev208 of the tools and the corresponding version of aggregate. "Internal Server Error (out of quota?)" translated to "You have different versions of the software on your tablet and server." When deleted the rev214 and downloaded rev208 to the tablet instead, everything worked.

So FYI for anyone who runs into the same problem--and if the error message is something coming from ODK not App Engine, a suggestion for a more informative error message :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the error and solution @elmps2018!

I have a created an issue about improving error handling in future versions!


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I have also got this error and the problem is as mentioned because of the old versions of odk-x tools, however the surveyors are out to the fields and now there is no way to upgrade all those devices, Is there an alternative solution for this problem?


Is it definitely the case you have different versions? Are they different versions across tablets (e.g. tablet1 has rev208, tablet2 rev210, etc.) or are different versions happening between app-designer/the server/some central component and the tablets? Can you tell us what versions?

Well, I have checked the versions and it is same across all the devices, It was all working fine in the beginning but now it doesnt work for the users who are added to the site_admins, administer_tables, super_user_table groups in sync endpoint.

In the webUi I can log in to the system but I cannot see the roles and users tab giving me the 500 error.
and of course cant be authenticated in ODK-X survey app.

So it sounds like there are different versions between the tablets and the app-designer/the server. Can you tell us what versions are on each?

Does everything work if added as a normal user but not the other types of users?

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