Internship project: Improve parsing performance in ODK JavaRosa


(Yaw Anokwa) #1

JavaRosa currently uses kxml to parse XML. Certain operations perform poorly O(n²), drastically slowing down parsing large documents. A successful proposal for this project must:

  • Objectively benchmark poorly performing operations to identify root causes and to be able to measure improvements
  • Evaluate potential changes for risk/reward trade-offs
  • Sequence changes to ensure high-value changes can be safely made (e.g., increased test coverage, comparing output, feature toggles)

The selected student will implement the proposed changes.

Requirements: Java
Difficulty: Hard
Mentor: Dave Briccetti (@dcbriccetti)

(sandhya rani gurram) #2

Hi @dcbriccetti, I am sandhya .I am interested in applying for GSoc 2019 for ** Improve parsing performance in ODK JavaRosa **project and I want to work with this community.I have good knowledge in java and worked with data transfering.can you provide some more requirements or information to work on this project and can you give some tasks to work on this project to get more information.
Thank you..

(Yaw Anokwa) #3

@sandhyarishitha is a good place to start. So is"good+first+issue".

(sandhya rani gurram) #4

Thank you @yanokwa for replying!

(Harshitha Kamasani) #5

Hi @dcbriccetti.
I'm K. Harshitha interested in Improving parsing performance in ODK JavaRosa project GSOC 2019 and having some good knowledge in Java. How can I proceed further to contribute to this project?
Thank you!