Introduce yourself here!

I am Clement Bempong from Ghana. Currently supporting DHIS2 implementation in Ghana. I started using ODK in 2017, however I am now doing a real project using ODK. I hope to learn more to add up to my knowledge base in ODK.


Hello wonderful ODK community,

My name is Maricha and I've been using ODK for multiple projects for years when I was working in the Dominican Republic. I've been a long time user of the forum when I needed help but never posted so I suppose it's time to introduce myself. :slight_smile:

I am currently based in Seattle but work on projects for anywhere in the world. I got into ODK while working for Innovations for Poverty Action in the Dominican Republic, it's a great and versatile data collection tool, especially for those of us who are not developers or programmers. I used ODK for research projects, evaluating the impact of a variety of social programs aimed at alleviating poverty.
Favorite things to do outside of data collection? Travel? Take my dog everywhere? Be anywhere near the ocean? Not sure why I phrased those as questions.

I look forward to learning more about ODK and hopefully returning the favor and helping newbies learn too.


Hi, I'm Juan from Quito - Ecuador
I have been using ODK since 2016 mainly for transport surveys, recently I was able to install Aggregate on a local server and now I'm getting other uses, such as geotechnical logs implemented.
great software !



Welcome to the ODK forum

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Hello @shubham123! Welcome to ODK forum.

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Hello to all the members of ODK forum,
I am Khem from Nepal, an academician working in a medical institute. I came to know of ODK as I was planning to apply for a vacant post. As I am going through the forum, I feel that this is a very useful forum for me as my work consists of teaching medical students and conducting research, where ODK would be useful. I am very interested to attend training's on ODK, to be able to apply it for data management and would be grateful if someone could inform me of its availability in and around my country. Thank you!


I am Russ Biggs from Albuquerque New Mexico, USA. I've been working with ODK since 2014 for data collection in Syria during my tenure at an INGO working on the humanitarian response in the region. I continued to work with ODK in the private sector back in the US for archaeological and environmental data collection in the environmental consulting sector. I currently work for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and will be managing our digital data collection projects and tools.

You can find me online here:


My name is Bogna and I live in Poland (close to 3city) and I'm a software tester.
I am new to ODK but I'm looking forward to getting to know it and members of this community :).


I’m Riddy from DRC, I’m working at Bluesquare, Brussels-based company that helps organizations in digitizing data. We often use ODK for mobile collection for some projects.


I am Sivan, based in Amsterdam.

I work for Soil & More Impacts, a small advisory firm based in the Netherlands and Germany. We deliver agronomic advice and impact assessment services.

We use ODK a lot for data collection or help clients to use it. In this way we can do carbon footprints, water footprints etc. Or predict risks with regard to erosion, water scarcity etc. We also do True Cost Accounting!

As our expertise is not completely in IT, ODK provides excellent means to autonomously deliver mobile data collection services. Working with mobile technology can also be a big motivator for young farmers around the world, bringing a sense of modernization and connectedness along the value chain.

Check out our website
or follow me on LinkedIn:



Hi Everyone,
I am Edward Amanyoh Kwame, a Ghanaian :ghana: and lives in Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region of the country.
I got involved in ODK when I was a final year intern at the Ghana Health Service, Regional Health Directorate, Sunyani Division. After a quick introductory section with a Health Information Division Officer who learnt it from an East African country after traveling there for research work.
I have been working on a Data collection form for the hospitals based on their Environmental state for almost year now.

I love farming, reads a lot of nonfiction books and I love riding my Dad's Yahama DT 175.

I currently hold a degree in Computer Engineering from UENR, Sunyani. An Android Developer for the past 4 years.
I preferred to be called the coding farmer because I am a farmer who codes.:grinning:
On Twitter I am @EdwardAmanyoh



I am looking forward to using ODK to collect data for our research.



Hello World,

My name is Neeraj and I am from India.I started with ODK during an open source meetup in our city.I have just started so just one commit .Outside this I love running ,cycling and treks.
I am over LinkedIn at :


Thank you for your consideration, will conduct you asap.

Hi I'm Enric and I live in Girona (Catalonia). I'm trying to use ODK to improve my field work. My job consists in collect data from urban plots in Salt (a town next to Girona). The main goal is to connect the problems of the farmers in these plots with the civil servants in the hall town. To do it I need to collect good qualitative and quantitative data about the crops and uses of the land. I've heart about ODK and I'm sure that it could help me a lot, but I don't find a manual or good instructions to learn how to use it.

I'll be grateful if someone could send me a link to learn how to start using ODK.

Thank you.



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Hi, I'm Daniel, a new ODK user in Canada. I'm a physician from Colombia and I work in public health research.


Hi, I'm Andrew and I am based in Durham, North Carolina (United States). I got involved in ODK because of a project I work on with CDC and IntraHealth International in South Sudan. In that project we are implementing a large survey in which the instruments were designed with XLS forms and the data is being collected with ODK Collect. I am a new but enthusiastic ODK user.


Hi, my name is Roger Schürch. I am faculty at Virginia Tech in the US, and I have just stumbled across ODK two weeks ago. Now, we are already using it in the field to research honey bee foraging. At the moment we are using a Google Drive and Sheets to hold the data. I am looking forward to working ODK more and more into my workflows!