Introduce yourself here!

Hi, I'm Daniel, a new ODK user in Canada. I'm a physician from Colombia and I work in public health research.


Hi, I'm Andrew and I am based in Durham, North Carolina (United States). I got involved in ODK because of a project I work on with CDC and IntraHealth International in South Sudan. In that project we are implementing a large survey in which the instruments were designed with XLS forms and the data is being collected with ODK Collect. I am a new but enthusiastic ODK user.


Hi, my name is Roger Schürch. I am faculty at Virginia Tech in the US, and I have just stumbled across ODK two weeks ago. Now, we are already using it in the field to research honey bee foraging. At the moment we are using a Google Drive and Sheets to hold the data. I am looking forward to working ODK more and more into my workflows!


Hello Everyone,
I am Chigomezgo Hopkins Msowoya, Malawian. working as Environmental Health Officer, i first got involved i with ODK when i was doing my bachelors and i used it in data collection and that's the time i learned how to prepare the XLS ODK forms, i now use it in my work as i am involved in a lot of supervisions, surveys and epidemiological makes the work easier. though i have been using it but i cant say that i am an expert, i would like to learn more about ODK.


Hello world!

i am from Nigeria. I was exposed to ODK during my FETP days. I am currently working on a laboratory assessment questionnaire.


Hi all!!!
My name is Ekatherina and I started using ODK forms a month ago. I hope I can find support and learn more about this beautiful tool in this forum.



Hi everyone,
my Name is Limat Mulu,I am from Addis Ababa,Ethiopia and I graduate of Information technology(IT).
I am very interesting with the ODK forum because it is very helpful to solve problems happened when work with ODK so that I would like to join to this community.I have participated in different surveys conducted by local and international NGOs in developing XLSForm for data collection and prepare local server and i have knowledge of Networking ,database and programming.
out of this i enjoy read books,music and watch football.



My name is Abel. Im a certified Microsoft Network Specialist. Presently living in Nigeria and working as an IT Specialist for my organisation. My Office carries out a lot of surveys, hence the necessity of me getting into ODK. I am a newbie and very eager to learn all that I can in this regard. Thanks in advance for all your support!


Hi All

I am Boniventure Mchomvu from Tanzania
I get to know ODK 6 years back because it was open source and easy to use. I and colleagues we used it fir fisheries data collection here in Tanzania and find it useful and friendly

I am looking forward to being a part in the conversation.[quote="opendatakit, post:1, topic:6671, full:true"]
Open Data Kit brings together people from around the world and across disciplines. Let’s get to know each other a bit better!


Hey friends-

My name is Matt Crum and I'm based in Nashville, USA with United Methodist Communications. I've worked on ODK projects in a dozen or so countries primarily in Africa between UMCOM and my prior org Inveneo.
I appreciate the ODK community and all the work that gets put into such an important project!



Hello Everyone !!
I'm based in India and I'm pursuing my BTech 3rd year in IT field from IIIT-A. I've started my open-source contributions from ODK only so it feels good to be a part of this community.

I have made many little contributions to ODK Collect, ODK-share(which is in its prior stage) and many more. Now currently, I am working on ODK-X Notifications (contains skunkworks-parrot and skunkworks-bat) under the GSoC summer internship programme. So by this time, most of the work has been done already on ODK-X Notifications therefore soon I will be posting a demo for the same on this forum. Hoping to get positive feedback from the community.


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Thanks, I am Jovit Felix, from Tanzania, East Africa. I am working with a Non-profit Organization known as Savannas Forever Tanzania. I have been doing survey coding for some years with another software. I am new with XLS forms, currently I am coding by using Survey 123 which is originally from ODK. I have chose to join this forum because I found it very active when I was looking some solutions online, also Survey 123 is completely ODK.



Hi! My name is Kit and I'm a Canadian working abroad in India. I found ODK while searching for a survey tool for a yield improvement project with rural farmers. Since then, we've been carrying out all our projects with ODK! I am really impressed with the community and would love to get involved further.

Outside of data collection, I am a very typical Canadian -- I love skiing, hiking, canoeing, and running half-marathons. Unfortunately it's monsoon here in India so I haven't been doing any of my favourite sports, just drinking lots of chai and watching Hindi films. My new favourite is Gully Boy, which is about breakthrough rap in the slums of Mumbai. Killer good :sunglasses:


Hi, I'm Dan from the Northern Territory in Australia. I work in the NT government as a Remote Sensing Scientist in a rangeland monitoring capacity. My job is to use spatial science/technology to assess the condition of pastoral leases (i.e. cattle stations) and integrate it with the on-ground monitoring done by our field officers. I have a background in environmental science and have worked previously in academia and private industry (mining). In my spare time, I average about 60-70 km of running a week and enjoy fishing and camping when the opportunity presents.

My foray into ODK started when we decided to replace our previous field data collection system (iPads and 'Numbers' spreadsheets) with Samsung tablets and ODK. We have 8 field officers across the NT who collect monitoring data from approx. 30 properties and several hundred sites each year. I have designed the forms and written Python code to convert the CSV data into a format to upload into our rangeland monitoring database. Our field officers have been gradually transitioning from the old system to ODK, and are having good things to say about it so far.


Hi ODK Community. My name is Jaime Calderón and I'm based in Puerto Rico.
I got involved with the ODK community looking for an open source APP for field data collection. I'm a psychologist working with a disaster mental health team. Two years ago, Puerto Rico was stroke by two devastating hurricanes; now we are interested in making a voluntary census or registry of vulnerable people who will need assistance in future emergencies. Reading about ODK I think this is the kind of tool we need. I hope learning about ODK will help us. To know more about this project visit our webpage


Hi all,

I'm Meg from the USA! I work in humanitarian aid and have just started using ODK for survey data collection. I'm currently working in Bangladesh.

I am an avid hiker and love to spend time outside!


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My Name is Benjamin Mkandawire from Malawi currently working with GIZ Malawi based in the Ministry of Finance where am supporting the implementation of the Malawi National Social Support Programme.

I started using ODK suite in 2016 till now, we use ODK mainly to collect data for the ultra poor which is housed in the Unified Beneficiary Registry (UBR) and also support other data collection interventions.


Hi everyone.

My name is Jorge Liber Saltijeral, i am from Mexico City and i got involve with ODK using Kobo toolbox.

I discovered this powerfull tool and im in love with it.

Iam involve with agricultural topics and i used kobotoolbox and ODK for the first time, one year ago to estimate food production in a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage systems) (GIAHS) call "chinampa" (see a video) plased in Mexico City colaborating with FAO.

Now a days, i am using ODK and Kobotoolbox for a Honey bees proyect with enviroment ministry of Mexico City.

I love to read poetry, mushrooms, and outdoor activities.

I hope to share a lot of information.