Introduce yourself here!

(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #423

Dear All,

I am Senthilkumar Thangavelu, doing my research in Innovation management and OSS. Also I am supporting an international fisheries project in the survey design, management using ODK.

You can be reached



(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #424

Hi Arpan,

I am Senthil from Bangalore currently doing my PhD in management and supporting project using ODK.

I like to get in touch with you to share info related to ODK and research.



(Tinotenda Garikayi) #425

hie Ronald I need help from you if you are in Zimbabwe can I have your number?


Hello world,

my name is Jessica, based in Florida, USA. I'm an economist and I work for an environmental conservation organisation. I've worked on a project with a colleagues who used ODK a couple of years ago for socio- economic survey in Kenya. I'm finally taking the plunge and using ODK for a fisheries project in the Bahamas. I'm glad to have this wonderful community to help me on my way!

(Tania Reza) #427

Hi everyone!

I work in HIV research and surveillance at the University of California, San Francisco. I am a novice ODK user - just started using it last year - but excited to learn more and contribute however I can :slight_smile:


(sashi Kiran Challa) #428

Hello all,
I am Sashi, from India. I am just getting involved in collecting some data and was exploring the best ways to go about it. This search let me to ODK. I hope I can in time contribute to this growing community!!


(Benjamin Faguer) #429

Hi everyone,

I'm a French :fr: citizen, currently working in Japan :jp:.
I work in a research team and have been exposed to ODK for the first time about a year ago.



Hello, My name is Moses from Uganda, i have ODK in collecting data for many research organisation in Uganda and i am very interested in learning more about ODK especially creating forms, uploadingand downloading data sets.
looking forward to learn more

(Liz) #431

Hello world!

I am a marine ecologist and PhD student in Wales (UK) learning social science and ODK for the first time. I hope to use mobile technology to run some beach user questionnaires this summer.

I love the sea, the mountains, diving, my friends and family. People are fascinating too.

I am a technophobe but slowly getting to grips with the 21st century and really hope that I don't bore you all with too many basic questions.

Thanks for a great forum.. I've already been using it for my ODK research.


(Lule George) #432

I am George Lule from Uganda, Systems Developer and I am currently developing Online Data collection systems for different service areas

(Arpan Golechha) #433

Sure, Senthil. Do tell me what you want to get in touch about.

(esnart) #434

Hi All,

I am Esnart from Zambia. I work for the Disaster Management. I recently developed xforms for a research project for my institution. we collect data on various issues of vulnerability from community members using ODK in order to avoid huge paper work to be analysed as it takes up too much time. I hope to work well with this ODK community.

Thank you


Hi ODK community, I am KMugambii, an Agricultural scientist with a passion for data. Hope to learn a lot from this forum!

Thank you

(John Murage) #436

Hello all, I'm John Murage from Kenya and a user of ODK. I develop ODK forms for people and organizations undertaking various research, both health related and market research.My twitter handle is
Looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you.

(Ian_CH) #437

Hello guys,
I am Ian and am currently on attachment at the City Hall of my city doing GIS. My supervisor asked me to learn how to set up ODK so that we can use it to map development projects around the city. I hope to get to know the latest news and updates on the data collector
Goodbye for now

(Curtly Critchlow) #438

Hey. I'm from Guyana in South America. I was looking for a way to build data entry forms for mobile phones that can work in remote locations where internet access isn't always available. I have never used ODK before. I'm a data analyst and my favorite part of ODK is being able to design the form in excel.

(asih wi) #439

Hi everyone, I’m Asih from Central Java (Indonesia)

I’ve been involved with ODK since 2015 when I need to do baseline survey for community based program. At first I’m using google form, but you know you can’t use these offline. I’m lost many data that I’ve collect before. After that I’m trying to search another option and found ODK. It’s very very help me. Now, I’m still using ODK to collecting data for rapid and detail assessment in emergencies (I’m volunteer at Indonesian red cross)
You can find me on twitter @asihwi
In my off time I like to make some clothes and going camping

(Gilbert Mazunga ) #440

Hello World!

I'm an accomplished ICT and research expert based in Harare, Zimbabwe.I got involved to the ODK community in 2013 when I started working with market and social research projects already using ODK collect. I have led a variety of market and social research projects including an investigation into the African middle class and Microsoft ICT research in Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe .I'm reachable on Skype :gilbert.Mazunga

(Khaled Altaher) #441

Hello all,
i'm Khaled Altaher, i'm from Jordan and i'm working on creating ODK form to make it easier to collect data from Syrian refugees.
you can follow me on\khaledsaltaher

(Allan Jabungu) #442

Hello Simon, Allan here. You introduced me to ODK at IITA Uganda. I'm getting better every other day. Thanks a lot!