Introduce yourself here!

(Mhlonishwa Maseko) #443

Hi all, I'm known as John but my real name is Mhlonishwa Maseko working in the health sector in the Kingdom of Eswatini, former Swaziland. Looking forward to using this amazing platform for my next engagement as M&E for a renowned local NGO. You can follow me on twitter my handle is @Mhlo_Maseko. Outside data collection and management, I watch and play a lot of soccer so I'm a
self-renowned soccer star.

(Ruth Lennox) #444

Phew! Took me a while to reach the bottom.
Hello, I am a doctor based at a rural North Bangladesh NGO. I am completely new to ODK (a non-coder) and hope to find out where to start (will read the topic categories next). I am involved in verbal autopsy interpretation and read an article on attribution, using ODK software, of cause of death.
Outside of data collection I medically care for the children whose data we collect and for fun I look things up on the internet.

(Chipo Hankumba Muleya) #445

Hello Community,
I'm based in Lusaka, Zambia, South-Central Africa. I work in the civil service with the National Identity, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics agency.

I got involved with ODK whilst conducting Verbal Autopy for the ascertainment of Cause of Death in out of health facility deaths. We use ODK tools for data collection at some sample sites. This also answers the the issue of some projects I've done using ODK. I use Collect, Briefcase and how working on Aggregate.

I currently don't have any blog I can refer to and I'm still working on my GitHub.

Outside data collection, I have a passion for Computer Networking (my actual profession), motorsports (performance cars in general) and Japanese manga and anime.


(Ronnie Raraihuru) #446

Hi all,

Am Ronnie. I currently based in the Solomon Islands(One of the Pacific Islands Countries). I worked as a System Support Officer for Solomon Island Government. Before i came across ODK , i more involved with KoboToolBox with the Interest of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, National Disaster and Ministry of Finance to collect data. While i was working on implementing KoboToolBox and having issues that is when i met Aurelio via email. I never knew ODK is has more features and support until i went to a training in Singapore( 9th June 2018) of this ODK. Aurelio is the presenter.

I am looking forward to implement this ODK aggregate and the Dashboard Management back in my country-SI.I will also ask many questions in this community and willing to learn from others.


(Edmond Tiendrebeogo) #447

Hello everyone !

I'm Edmond TIENDREBEOGO, I'm a web and mobile developper from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso :burkina_faso: .

I discoverd ODK in 2017 and I use ODK Collect and ONA.IO to collect data for Open data initiative here in Burkina Faso.

As an Android devlopper, I want to contribute to different Android apps in ODK.

You can find me on ..

(Avi Kenny) #448

Hey, everyone! I'm Avi Kenny. I work at Last Mile Health (LMH), a nonprofit dedicated to saving lives in the world's most remote communities. I currently serve as the Director of Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation, but am about to start graduate school (PhD in biostatistics at UW) and will be moving into an advisory role with LMH. We use a forked version of ODK to routinely collect data from roughly 450 community health workers and will soon be expanding this implementation to over 3,000.

Looking forward to getting LMH more involved in the ODK community!


(Andrew) #449

My name is Andrew Nute and I am a Data Manager based in Atlanta working for The Carter Center's Health Programs. Using the ELMO/NEMO program which is based on ODK and is also open source, the teams I work with use NEMO and by extension ODK to survey populations for various neglected tropical diseases across Africa primarily and other regions of the world. Besides this though, I have been following different mHealth methods and software for about 4 - 5 years

Other than data collection I like playing with my dog and reading about new blockchain developments and use cases.


(Vanessa Da Costa) #450

Hi all, My name is Vanessa and I am currently based in Atlanta,GA but will be moving abroad soon! I started using ODK in 2016, and learned about this tool in 2015 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda, when I attended a training on Malaria where I learned how Dimagi utilized mobile data collection tools for their malaria projects. I learned about this tool and how to use it through my University's mobile health group! Last year I created surveys using ODK for my summer practicum in Rwanda as an MPH student, and was able to use the data collected for my thesis!

I've enjoyed learning about the tools and using them, and I am interested in remote/ intermittent/ part-time consulting/ to help out new users create forms, and support the forum here!

Feel free to follow me on twitter @VanessaCDaCosta where I tweet about all things Public/Global health related! Linked in:

Outside of ODK I love to kickbox and listen to Beyonce :slight_smile:

(Andry) #451

Hi Community,

I'm Elmard I work as data analyst in the NGO on the Health and vulnerable population in Madagascar. I start using ODK now because I find that it is an softwear who easier to use for data collection



(emmanuel) #452

Hello every one,
I am emmanuel kaggwa based in Uganda. I got involved with ODK this year while carrying out my Undergraduate academic research.
I love football and i actively take part during my free time.
Feel free to connect with me through my email address:

(Patrick Anglin) #453

Hi community,

I am Patrick Anglin from warm, sunny and friendly Jamaica. I am very new to the ODK community but hope I can make a positive contribution and will learn from you all. I am an IT practitioner but am also intent on doing research and some amount of writing. I like to cook (it relaxes me), watch movies (when I get the time) and listen to music (which I do quite often).

(Ephraim Kigamba) #454

Hi all ODK-ers,
I'm Ephraim Kigamba and based in Nairobi, Kenya. I mainly focus in android engineering and work for a mobile data collection and visualization company - Ona. I have been involved with ODK Collect in the SMS Submission feature. To sum up ODK Collect - It's AWESOME. So that was the first interaction with ODK Collect. I am interested in bringing as much value and improving ODK Collect.

I have interacted with some of you in the development of SMS Submission feature.

I will be working on enabling external apps to request for form downloads through ODK Collect.

Fun fact: I am a ninja dev(literally) :crossed_swords: : :smile:

(Yavor Edipov) #455

Hello everybody,

I am from Bulgaria, studying Computer Science in the University of Southampton, UK. In March I got an internship offer for an organization which collects data on a daily basis... on paper but they knew it was high time they went paperless. (Imagine how useful ODK happened to be to us.) I did my research on how to proceed with building such an application so I came across Open Data Kit. I had no previous experience developing applications for Android but I had Java experience which helped me a lot. This is the first open-source project I have worked on and I am so happy about that. The reason for that is:

  1. ...well what can I say: Collecting data made easier.
  2. The community is very supportive. Whatever problem I have stumbled upon, I always manage to find a solution somewhere in the forum. I want to say one big THANK YOU! I am so grateful to you.

To get back to where I was, I had an internship in March for one month and set the app as much as I could to help the organization. Now in the summer, I am doing one more month internship in it and I am so excited about it. I have set up the Aggregate server with Google App Engine but we are planning on migrating to own server using Tomcat. I have no experience with Tomcat but I am learning and will eventually do it. Hopefully, I have enough time (as of this moment I've got 3 more weeks left of the internship).

Apart from data collection, I enjoy disassembling things and fixing them (...and most of the time I am the one breaking them. Can't help with the curiosity and "what would happen if...").

(Shaun Branden) #456

Hi and thanks to the devs and all others involved for creating and maintaining this software especially the doc creators. I am using ODK to help with protecting flora, fauna, sites and culture in Australia.

A big opensource fan and I am looking forward to giving back to the ODK community. ODK really is impressive, cheers.

(Arjun Raj) #457

Hello !
Im Arjun from India an absolute newbie here.I'm currently pursing my Btech in computer science. I have a general idea about programming,databases and android development. I would like to start off as a developer by contributing to ODK. Can anyone help me in this regard ? I'm willing to devote my time for this and is ready to study new stuffs. My mail id is

(Victor Sabo) #458

Hello People,

My name is Sabo Victor, I am from Nigeria. I am looking to create a simple app that can collate reports and I stumbled upon ODK during my search.

I would like to know what to do and to find out if I am in the right community.



(Anthony Jackson) #459


My name is Anthony Jackson. I'm a survey programmer for a university in the United States. We predominantly do phone, web, and mail surveys, but we have a few projects that involve field interviewing. We developed a makeshift workaround utilizing a CAWI and having our field interviewers log in to the web (with paper as a backup), however this created some issues and we ran into limited functionality.

I'm interested in using ODK for developing a field package that is both intuitive for our field interviewers and allows for easy monitoring for our HQ.

So far, the only hurdle I've seen with ODK involves record management. For this specific project we will be assigning individual records to specific interviewers (or enumerators) based on location (while having the option to re-assign records manually based on other criteria as needed).

Ideally I would like to have three levels of security:

  1. Administrator - Can export and import and edit forms.
  2. Supervisor - Can assign records to interviewers.
  3. Interviewer - Data collection only.

If anyone has any documentation on this aspect I'd greatly appreciate it! I'll hopefully have the time to demo ODK in detail next week.

(Yaw Anokwa) #460

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(adil mansour) #461

i am adil mansour typically based in Afghanistan. we involved in ODK when it introduced in M&E training held in Kabul. we are collecting data as third party monitoring on different projects of UN. this community is the most important source of information and problems solution for me.

(Rob Pabst) #462

Greetings everyone,

My name is Rob and I'm a forest ecologist at Oregon State University. I coordinate a long-term forest monitoring project called the Pacific Northwest Permanent Sample Plot Program. I'm new to ODK and hoping to use it for our mobile data collection in our research plots.