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(Catherine Nkirote) #463

Hi ODK team,

My name is Catherine Nkirote, based in Kisumu,Kenya. I actually got to learn about Odk just a month ago so I am basically new, but have come to love it. I am so eager to learn a lot from you guys and become a good Odk designer.

Catherine Nkirote

(Hélène Martin) #464

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(Abdoulaye Diallo) #465

Hello welcome dear, for sure, you’ll lot this community is very open.

(Mark Schormann) #466

Greetings from South Africa.

I have been using ODK for almost 5 years now and have found it useful in a number of projects. I spend some of my time teaching programming at the University of Mpumalanga, but have spend most of my time recently leading a team to build a wireless network to bring internet connectivity to the far flung regions of rural South Africa.

One of my early ODK projects resulted in me writing software to take a Word document and allow it to be cobined with the output of an ODK Briefcase pull from ODK Aggregate, to create a report. The main thing with this is that it handles all the repeat groups properly and also that it can use the data in the XML file to create conditional logic in the Word document. And it's all automated.

I am excited to see that the development of ODK keeps advancing. Well done to all involved!

(Amin) #467

Hello friends. My name is Amin, I live in Kabul,Afghanistan and I'm bachelor of computer science (software engineering). I was working at different positions but all of them were real coding, since one year ago I'v been working with end-use platforms for data collection which seem very nice for, one of them is ODK I really like it because I'm a mobile application developer too and I know how hard its developer team is working on it.
In addition I'v trained about 100 people which are our field staffs, that how to use it for mobile data collections.
In the end, special thanks to ODK team I really appreciate your hard and nice work.

(Abdoulaye Diallo) #468

Hello dear, Thanks you too by doing this training for all these people. You’re specially welcomed @sheramin

(Richard) #469

Greetings beautiful peeps!
My name is Rick, a.k.a. caraka, and I am the programme manager for Be A Tidy Kiwi in New Zealand. My first taste of ODK was while working for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) but it never amounted to anything. I have been using ODK1 for a few years now to collect interviews and litter count data across the country. It's never really suited me for the actual counts, so I'm finally getting on to ODK2 to see if there is a better way...

(Mario Roidt) #470

Dear all,

my name is Mario. I am working in the water sector in Kosovo. I got involved - and excited about - ODK while thinking about a customer survey of the water users in the rural villages.
We are gathering data from each water meter and house connection to update the repairs and changes that have to be done in order to reduce water losses and increase water supply.

I work for Dorsch and we implement this project with the Kosovar NGO "Community Development Initiatives"

(Abdoulaye Diallo) #471

Hello @MarioRoidt how’re you doing. That’s a cool things working on water access. I’m working also on that’s field during my free part times or holidays in Senegal. Sustainability water access in rural areas is a in huge needs.

(Over Murillo Chacon) #472

Hello everyone

My name is Jhampier Murillo I'm from Colombia and I'm starting in this application, I've been with this application for a short time but I think it's interesting how everything is programmed.

I am excited to work with ODK since it seems to me a very interesting system to explore and learn from data.

Thank you all !!!

(Babasaheb Tandale) #473

Hi All,

I am Dr Babasaheb Tandale (MD) from Pune (India). I am working as medical scientist in a national council on medical and health research. I work in Epidemiology of infectious diseases, with specific focus on virus diseases of public health importance due to their potential to have endemic occurrence, causing epidemics and outbreaks. I undertake field investigations, surveys and surveillance of disease in populations and facilities. A lot of data gets collected and managed for making interpretation and communication to the general public, health professionals and programme / policy related needs.

Looking forward to learn and apply paperless data collection tools to ease up on data collection and management aspects in medical and health research.



(Johnny Cardel) #474

Hi I am Johnny a total beginner to ODK would realy like to find a buddy to help me with the probs I am having setting up ODK interact with google sheets as I have been following step by step instructions and have not sucseeded after days of trying.
I wish all in this group my best wishes, hopefully one day I will sort this problem before my head explodes.

Google Drive/Sheets as server
(Rosário Dilo) #475

Hi, My name is Rosario Dilo, aka Dilo, Iam a Geographic Engineer first i studied Surveying, Iam From Angola, I have started using odk 2 years ago but not frequently.
I would like to receave much support from here and as soon as i start leraning the best pratices i will also starting interact with others.

I Do not know how many Angolas are here, would also be a plesure to know them so as to have a personal touch.

Here I am
Rosário Dilo

(Bernard Justus Muhwezi) #476

I am Bernard Justus Muhwezi, a Geospatial Information Specialist still learning to become better as geospatial technologies improve, working with Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Kampala under Division of Geo-Information Services. We are responsible for providing geospatial data and information for provision of official statistics.

Through our desire and engagement with OSM Community, the need to acquire and advance our methodology in compilation, we were introduced to ODK tools to automate and fasten out work further. We have since been trying and piloting out with tools.

We are currently engaged on Uganda Open Mapping Programme with HOT Uganda and MapUganda, working on Kampala City Council Authority.


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(Jared Bhatti) #477

Hey there,

My name is Jared Bhatti, and I'm a technical writer at Google. I help write content for open source projects like Kubernetes, and I also work on Google products such as Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Networking. I've been a writer for over 14 years.

I started contributing to ODK with my first few PRs against the docs repo a few weeks ago, and I'd like to keep it up, contributing when I can on an ongoing basis. I'm on twitter at @jaredbhatti


(Elena Jansen) #478

Hello everyone,
My name is Elena and I am a postdoctoral research scientist living in Austria. I have only heard about ODK a couple of months ago when I started working on our Horizon 2020 project which is focused on three Eastern European countries. We are using ODK on tablets to collect data with families. Some of these families cannot read so we are super excited about the option to use audio files.
I am looking forward to exploring more about ODK and am very thankful for the developers and the community to share their expertise!

(Rakesh Arya) #479

Me Dr. Rakesh Arya from JNU New Delhi

(Daniel Takyi Ameyaw) #480

Hello all, Please my name is Daniel Takyi Ameyaw. I am a Ghanaian who has just completed school.
A friend introduced me to ODK and I want to learn more. I may please be asking many questions to learn more. Thank you.

(Cristiano Oliveira) #481


I am a computer analyst with the Brazilian Red Cross, with a background in Marketing, I live in Rio de Janeiro, samba land :slight_smile: I met ODK in 2016 doing humanitarian work with the objective of reducing the occurrences of zika, dengue and chikungunya diseases and fever Amarela, we already used a registry of families that suffered floods and now we have a project to register the Venezuelan migrants who arrive in Brazil.

Along with humanitarian work, I also teach the use of ODK for field activities and the construction of forms for volunteers throughout the country, the ODK is part of my daily humanitarian work.

I am a person that I like challenges and my challenge today and to have more knowledge in the aggregate odk, to configure my own server and to improve my English. :slight_smile:

Who wants to follow me and see some of my work:

My goal is to increase the knowledge of Brazilians in ODK.

I hope to collaborate with the community.

Greetings to all

(Thomas A Sammut) #482

Hi everyone, I'm Thomas, I'm a human, a doctor, and I am studying medical research and International Health.
I'm currently using ODK for a project in Guinea Bissau on skin disease for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I have found it a very useful tool.