Introduce yourself here!


Hi, my name is Seslyn, a MSc student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. For now I am based in London, but I am from the lovely little island of Saint Lucia i the Caribbean.

I'm very new to ODK but I really like the concept of it though I have had my fair share of glitches since I started using it. I'm sure before too long I'm going to realise this is as easy as riding a bike. I think. It's been fun though.

I'm currently using ODK for my research project which focuses on Diabetes in Saint Lucia and I am looking forward to continue using it for upcoming research.

(médiha khamassi) #485

Hi everybody,
I'm médiha from Tunisia (North Africa) and I'm veterinarian (epidemiologist). I'm PhD student but also assistant professor in the National School of Veterinary Medicine in Sidi Thabet in Tunisia. As I'm interested to ticks and tick-borne pathogens, we are visiting farmers in rural areas in the countries and making perception survey regarding this pathogens. I asked my co-supervisor in ICARDA (international center for agricultural research in the dry areas) if it would be possible to use tablets to collect data from farmers. And my beautifull story with ODK began in Cairo, in ICARDA office, where a brave gentelman Khaled Al-Shamaa taught me how to use ODK. Two days ago I taught my colleagues how to use the application in animal health surveys (from the downloadin to the xlsform building to converting in xml ....etc). I got some problems with sending the finalized forms, and I need some help in that.
My email adress is
Thank you a lot for the noble objective of ODK, for your support and generosity.

(Ubo Pakes) #486

Hi all,

Greetings from Cebu City in the Philippines. My name is Ubo Pakes and I am Dutch, living and working in the Philippines. By profession environmental engineer and currently working as GIS coordinator at the University of the Philippines in Iloilo City. I am very much interested in using easy tools (like ODK) in my projects on environment and urban planning.
So far we have used ODK for student dormitory projects, Campus maintenance issues, Cacao Mapping, School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects, business mapping and more My students love it, both for the insight it gives them in spatial data as well as the ease of structured data collection.
When not in the University, I love to photograph .. see more of that at:

(Daniel Takyi Ameyaw) #487

My name is Daniel Takyi Ameyaw from Ghana. I was I have just completed school and a friend introduced me to ODK. After the introduction I have been able to help ADRA Ghana, an International NGO used ODK to collect data on its poultry and crop farmers they are working with.

I am still learning to discover more on ODK and therefore will need a lot of assistance.

Hope to get more from members of the community. Thanks everyone. God bless you all.

(Forrest ) #488

Hi all,

I've just started working with ODK in earnest as of a few weeks ago although I have been looking into it for awhile. My goal is to be able to utilize ODK collect to handle the form logic and then capture the data after form is filled out. I will then need to parse that data for use in a separate application. This needs to happen offline.

If anyone has experience doing the same I would love to hear from you.

A bit about me. I've been developing android for 5 years or so, and have worked with several other platforms including windows, windows CE, web.

Fun fact: my passion is rock climbing and do everything in my power to climb as much as possible.


(Josh) #489

Hello ODK Community!

I'm looking at taking on a project that involves collecting form submissions stored on kobotoolbox and offline devices. I came across this community in my research on how to solve this problem. So far I think the best solution would to have a ODK Aggregate server. Any suggestions?

My education is in Computer Science and information security and I'm currently living in S.E. Asia but i'm from the U.S. I look forward to learning more about these platforms and getting to know all of you.

(Saad Omer) #490

Hello everyone!

I am Saad Omer, from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a technology consultant, working with various international organizations since almost 15 years. I have been working with ODK since around 5 years now, with some 100+ deployments all over the globe. Have been an enthusiastic user, a keen fan and a good adviser for ODK. So feel free to ping me for anything I can help you with.

Saad Omer

(Benson Arudo) #491

I'm Benson Arudo from Kenya. I am very new to ODK. I came across it on an assignment and was blown away by the potential it has to make data collection less of a hassle. So far I have managed to use Build to create a form and install Collect on my phone. I am still working out the kinks on how to send the information to sheets. Loving the challenges though!

I am a photographer but I also have an interest in data collection and analysis. I hope to be able to learn as much as I can from the community.

(Brryar) #492

Hi everyone, I'm Brryar From north Iraq-Sulaymaniyah I am senior officer in an international NGO
I am very new in ODK but i really like the community and the program too,

I'm currently using ODK for our research project which focuses on Diabetes in Humanitarian assessments, I am looking forward to continue using it for upcoming research.

(Jonathan Goergen) #493

Hello. My name is Jon and I live in Sacramento, California. I am working on developing open source field data collection tools for agricultural disease monitoring and research, and I want to learn more about the possibilities ODK offers. I have used XLS forms to customize field data collection apps from for-profit ESRI in the past so I am familiar with the structuring of the form but I am not familiar with how to set up ODK for use - but once I do I'm excited to start building forms and designing databases. Also, I am starting to explore any connections to QGIS and ODK because QGIS is a great software and one I use often.

I look forward to at first mostly learning from this forum, but in short time I hope to be contributing!

(Emma Hosking) #494

Molweni from South Africa, ODK community!

I live and work in beautiful Cape Town.

I started using ODK about three years ago working for an NPO in South Africa working on violence prevention through urban upgrading. We needed to collect data about unlicensed liquor outlets in informal areas - how they function, what there hours are like and whether or not they could stick to some norms and standards for trading agreed on by the community. We worked with community neighbourhood watches, who we trained to use ODK collect to monitor the outlets every day, and during the night. ODK got exciting when we started using QR codes as unique identifiers, and we ended up piloting a cool ODK to Salesforce integration...I've also used ODK and QR codes in the field of Early Childhood Development to monitor curriculum "dosage" per child.

Anyway, I've since moved on and am taking ODK with me. I've recently co-founded an urban agriculture organisation called Umthunzi Farming Community (@umthunzifarmingcommunity), and we're using ODK to help small scale urban township based farmers to improve their record keeping and keep track of their produce brought to market. I love that ODK integrates into Google Sheets, as this has supported us as a tiny start up with no capital to be self-sufficient and flexible.

I'm no techy, but I love playing around with xlsForm and learning new ways to build excellent forms. In my spare time I enjoy running or hiking in the nearby mountains, baking beautiful soudough bread and doing a little bit of backyard gardening.

Thanks for having me here!


Hi everyone !

I'm Helene and I work for Calanques National Park in Marseille (France). This french public establishment is in charge of nature protection and natural space management.

I have just begun to work with ODK for several weeks to propose to my colleagues a better way collecting data during their missions.

Hoping some rich discussions on this forum !


Hi all

My name is Patrick Buzangu from DR Congo.
I started using ODK this year while mastering in public health.
I'm involved in public health related projects.
outside of data collection, I practice medecine.
ODK is a familly.

(Tsholofelo Molefi) #497

Hi all!
My name is Tsholo, I am from Botswana. I am currently studying towards an MSc Health Informatics at City, University of London. I was introduced to ODK a few months ago in my telehealth module and decided to use it in my research. I am developing a mobile application for triaging in an A&E. I am using the Princess Marina Hospital Triage Scale. I will testing this application using vignettes but am hoping to return to Botswana on completion of my studies and test it in a real setting. I am happy to be a part of this community and am excited to extend my use of ODK to other programs and projects in Botswana.

(Damien Scarlett) #498

Hi there,
My name is Damien & I help support Mobile Data Collection for MSF here in Belgium. We use ODK & KoboCollect, so to help our users I often search through the Forums here for tips that can help them (since Kobo is almost the same as ODKCollect)
Thanks & take care :slight_smile:


hi community,
Hillary Mutabazi is my name am an ODk user for close to four years, however have not been on the forum
have joined after realizing that most solutions are provided her by the most experienced users on the forum. to add on this am an XML programmer
thank you for welcoming me in

(Aastha Bist) #501

Hello World! I am just starting out in the world of open source, and what ODK does sounded(read) as interesting to me. I wanted to learn more, and even contribute in near future, so here I am. Right now I am facing problems with Build, so I am heading over to the respective slack channel to ask my doubts.

(Mark Kiwax) #502

Hello, I am Mark from Tanzania, East Africa. Expert in Real Estate


Hi, I'm Ulemu from Malawi. A practicing clinician and trained nutritionist, currently working on research on adolescent nutrition. Totally psyched to interact with a diverse group of individuals who are interested to find simpler ways to collect data and conduct research. By the way, I'm kinda a newbe to the odk tool. Looking forward to learning more as well as helping others.

(Olayinka Bello) #504

Hello World,
I'm a GIS Consultant from Nigeria, based in Ilorin, Kwara State. I am the Director of Rabi Geoconsulting and i specialise in GIS mapping, GIS Analysis, Mobile and Web Application Development for field data collection. ODK collect was introduced to me at seminar as the better field collection tool and i am at present plan to develop application with ODK.