Introduce yourself here!

(Ka-Ping Yee) #505

Hello everyone!

My name is Ping, and I'm from Canada (I grew up in Winnipeg). Today I live in Berkeley, California, in the United States.

I'm a software engineer and ODK developer. Right now I work on improving the mapping and geo functions in ODK Collect.

I often travel for work and have participated in mapping projects in Haiti, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and Tanzania.

My username is zestyping in most places, for example and

I will be coming to Tanzania next week to participate in FOSS4G and to run an ODK sprint on September 1 and 2. If you are in or near Dar es Salaam, please come join us—we need all kinds of contributions! If you cannot come in person but can help write documentation, do translations, develop code, or give feedback, you can still participate remotely—please send me a message.

Pleased to meet you all!


(Ebenezer Adjetey) #506

Hi everyone!

My name is Ebenezer Adjetey and I'm based in Ghana. I'm a survey programmer and data manager.
I got involved with ODK in 2012 when i worked on a project and ever since I've been using ODK for other projects I've worked on.

Apart from using ODK and doing data analysis, I enjoy watching movies during my spare time.

Hoping to learn more about ODK from this platform.


(Abhijit Ekbote) #507

Hi all, I am Abhijit Ekbote, based in Mumbai, India.

I learnt ODK in 2013 and then included it in my teaching curriculum, where I teach GIS to post graduate students of Urban Design. It has helped several students to carry out their research related surveys. I am also completing my research on how open spaces are used by informal settlers in Mumbai and using ODK to capture information.

Currently I am working with a non-profit organization in Mumbai where we use ODK for various types of documentation works, such as rapid structural diagnosis, housing society surveys, etc.

I love to travel, play the guitar & tabla and love to listen to all kinds of music as well.

(Amit Kohli) #508

Greetings world! My name is Amit Kohli, I work for ACDI/VOCA, an NGO working mostly in agricultural international development. Before that, I used to disseminate the info about how much water each country has and how they use it when I was with FAO of the UN. Before that I was an environmental engineer mostly working on water contamination.

I like automating things because it's faster and more reliable (I think humans are pretty excellent at screwing things up, and they take soooo looooooooong to do it!!!! :smiley:). So I spend most of my time 1) Identifying problems, 2) validating they are important, 3) building tools to help, 4) working with the organization (from top to bottom) to see about maximizing the tool's usage which means policy, training, repetition, deadlines etc.

I love ODK and am trying to build a method through which tables from our online databases can be easily ported to an ODK form to provide an offline data-gathering option. I'm pretty close! If I succeed, I may opensource the results! So wish me luck!

Here's the BIO I use when presenting:

Amit is an environmental engineer turned data strategist. He started his career collecting and using environmental data to clean soil and water resources, then disseminated water resources & uses data with UN-FAO’s AQUASTAT and now develops the data management framework for ACDI/VOCA. Amit’s deep commitment to international development comes from his experience growing up in ‘developing countries’ and witnessing every extreme in living conditions.

He is passionate about R (a script-based language that started as a stats program but has since become an awesome data multi-tool), and is dedicating to promoting its dissemination having led R-User groups in Ghana and the UK. He is the author of the ShinyTester, TileMaker, and BulletChartR R packages and blogs at and

(Hélène Martin) #509

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(Shirisha Kasarla) #510

Hi everyone,
I'm from India and have just finished my graduation.
I am completely newbie to this ODK community.
here is my twitter and github id : shiri1248
let's get connected each other

(eddy johana) #511

Soy de Colombia estudio ingeniería de sistemas. Me parece excelente lo que hacen y me encantaría contribuir en lo que mas pueda.

(Paul Liptrot) #512

Hi everyone,
I work for coummunity interest company connected to the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust bases in sunny Sheffield, Uk. I am hoping to use odk collect to collect environmental data in the field to inform conservation and habitat management practices. We are base primarily in sheffield but do work through the whole of the UK. We undertake a range of habitat and species surveys including surveying for bats, barn owls, badgers, reptiles and aquatic mammals so we can often be quite isolated. I am hoping odk will massively improve our current paper based system dragging us into the 21st century kick and screaming.

I am currently involved with a small myotis project which involves capturing bats in severalwoodlands in the search for the elusive Brandt,s Whiskered and hopfully alcathoe bats.



(Ridwan Abdusalam) #513

Hello Mr Olayinka, I am based in Ilorin, Kwara State. We can work together on the use of ODK for data collection. Here is my email address:

Look forward to speaking with you

(Donald Chepkutwo) #514

Hi all!
My name is Chepkutwo Donald, I am from Kenya. I am currently studying towards a Phd program in Finance at Nairobi City. I was introduced to ODK a few months ago with my freelance consultant who is keen as myself in research work. Together with my colleague we intend to aggressively use ODK to help individuals and institutions carry out research work . We have basic skills on ODK but hopefully through the community we hope to learn more. I am happy to be part of this community and am excited to extend my use of ODK to other programs and projects in Kenya.

(AMC) #515

Hi. just getting started with ODK software and looking to gain more knowledge.

(Anthony Poon) #516

Hi everyone. I'm Anthony. My first introduction to ODK was as an undergraduate at the University of Washington many years ago, but after a stint away from academia and development, I'm currently a PhD student at Cornell. My recent work has been in Cameroon and New York in education. Nice to meet you all!

(Frank van Leth) #517


I am Frank.

I work as an epidemiologist at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development, which is a research institute embedded in the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am involved in numerous research project, including large scale field studies in lower- and middel income countries.

ODK is for me the preferred tool to allow for off-lin data entry, something that is of extreme importance in field studies. So far, I have created rather straight-forward data entry screens for mobile phones.

I hope to expand my skills and make my design of database more efficient, and I hope to be able to share field experiences with ODK applications.


(Terence) #518

Hi All

My name is Terence Mothers, Working with Land Tenure Rights in Africa developing GISs based on Open Source and creative commons licensed software

ODK has been the data collection method of choice and looking forward to getting stuck into ODK 2

I enjoy traveling and being based between UK and Mozambique get a lot of that... so far 4 continents this year and some of those twice.....

Glad to be here and hope to learn and streamline some of my processes

Cheers Terry

(Craig Saunders) #519

I am Craig Saunders, based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.I am a partner in Quartex technologies. We have been using ODK since 2015 when we stumbled across the platform when asked to assist with some construction audits.

Since then we have run numerous projects including

Monitoring the construction of low cost housing
Toilet construction audits
Social satisfaction surveys
Environmental monitoring
Environmental audits
Asset management
Forestry stock reporting
We are ODK enthusiasts. We run our own ODK Aggregate instance with a Postgres database and have implemented our own presentation application for data validation, reporting and dashboards. We have also integrated ODK with some of our existing applications as well as client applications. ODK has changed our business model and has allowed us to add significant value for our clients and local community.

Newbie problem with sync to google drive
(James) #520

Greetings everyone. I'm currently living in Tanzania as CTO of the Great African Food Company, connecting farmers to international markets. We provide training, high quality inputs, financing, and a guaranteed contracted price for the harvest. We have dedicated field staff throughout the country and work a lot with mobile data collection, and utilize this data for data analysis, finance automation, measuring impact, M&E, etc.

Prior to this I spent 20+ years in the high tech / mobile industry in USA, working for companies like Motorola, Google, and Lenovo. I have a PhD in Computer Engineering and have worked on many technology development projects, eventually becoming the head of software in Moto/Lenovo. In part of my career, I pushed our engagement on open source utilization and contributions and became the chair of their open source review board. Ever since that time, I've been a big fan of development in open source.

I recently decided it was time leave my corporate career, "give back", and join the fight on global poverty. My family and I moved to Tanzania in 2016 where I volunteer full time in this current role. When I joined, we were looking for a farm management system that we could integrate with our banking partner, and seriously considered building something around ODK. However, at the time, we were looking for more of a quick start, off the shelf complete solution since one of our large pilot seasons was about to begin. ODK 1 was a bit too limiting for our needs and ODK 2 seemed a bit nascent yet. Due to both time pressure and technical requirements, we chose a commercial solution. After two years and lots of custom development to augment it and make it useful for our needs, I've determined it is time to come back to reconsider ODK at our core.

I'm here to catch up on the latest developments, get to know you all, have some fun, and hope to start contributing toward the platform with my development skills combined with the experiences I've gained over the last few years of life in Africa. I'm looking forward to learning and hope I can be helpful!


(Carlos Rivas S) #521

Hi everyone!
I am from Nicaragua and I am currently providing technical assistance to improve a risk management platform. The platform involves different levels of implementation (from local to national) and ODK tools proved to be useful for collecting and delivering critical information. Focus of my work is on capacity building so I hope to contribute with good practices and methodologies to translate techological tools to actions, also want to learn more from you all!

(Jeffrey) #522

Hello 'thinkers', I am Jeffrey and I work with a private social research firm. I had my first experience with ODK late June this year. I was taught and introduced to it by the company and since then I have had a lot of interesting moments with ODK.
I am Ghanaian and from Navrongo precisely.

(Brian Shelton) #523

Hi, I am Brian Shelton working for the Dept of Human Settlements, Western Cape Government, RSA, in Cape Town. We used ODK software to survey and GPS approx 700 structures in informal settlements. Over the next few months we are surveying another approx 2300 structures. I had to research and setup ODK Collect and Briefcase. A colleague setup "ODK Aggregate Appspot". This was in 2015 and I need to research whether we can still use that version or update, and how to determine which version we have. ODK is a new learning curve for an old guy like me!

(Roody Hilaire) #524

Hello everyone,
I am Roody, from Haiti. I've been using ODK for about three years, I use ODk collect for socio economics survey in Haiti.