Introduce yourself here!

(Tebo Kgweenyane) #569

Am also from Botswana, am based in GC

(Ricardo Lesme Dalles) #570

Hello everyone.

Getting started with ODK from Paraguay.

(Amit Kohli) #572

mba'e chapaa @RLesme . Para que pio estas usando OKD?

(Yaw Anokwa) #573

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(Debra Eskinazi) #574

Hello! I’m Debra. I am a writer and editor focusing on a transition into tech. I was looking for ways to contribute to an open-source project and heard this was a great place to start. I’m excited to have been pointed in the direction of ODK and so far have been really impressed with its impact in far reaches of the world. I can’t wait to get to work!

About me: I’m a first-generation Jewish American (U.S.) with parents from Cuba :cuba: and Argentina :argentina:. I am interested in the intersection of politics and religion and (most importantly) fostering an appreciation for the beautiful mosaic that makes up this place we call earth :earth_africa:. I live in California in the SF Bay Area with my husband and two daughters. I want to create a sustainable homestead where I can build cool things with welders and turbines and live off the land. :seedling:


Hello everyone!

I'm a forestry engineer in Rouen (France) and I'm working on a form to collect data on forest' soil properties. I'm not used to this kind of tools but ODK would really help the forest managers to collect data easier directly on their smartphone.


(Senthilkumar Thangavelu) #576

Hi All,

I am Senthil, from Bangalore India experienced IT professional. Currently a Research scholar in OSS and Innovation management area. Started to use ODK by providing technical support to a international social scienceresearch project by recommending ODK as a tool for the data collection for the project . It a wonderful and efficient tool with active and helpful community. I am very happy to be a part of the ODK community.



(Svenja Jungjohann) #577


I am Svenja based in Switzerland and working in monitoring and evaluation of nutrition programs for a Swiss Foundation. I am new to ODK, but would like to explore ODK to develop data collection tools for monitoring nutrition-related data at market and household level.
You can contact me by email:
If not in front of a computer I like paragliding or snowboarding in the mountains.


(Khaled Altaher) #578

Welcome Svenja,
Hope you find this helpful, people here are very friendly and helpful :smiley:

(Satish Ravishankar) #579

Hi everyone!

I am currently an Impact Researcher at a renewable energy company in the south of India. I must add that I am an engineer by experience and fairly new to the social impact evaluation scene. But it's been a great ride so far.

I'm working with ODK 2.0 to deploy a household survey. This is also my first real ODK project.

I study machine learning on the side (a little late to the party) and recently learned that I enjoy teaching.

You can get in touch with me on -

Looking forward to figuring this all out!


(Godfrey Kassano) #580

Hi! I'm Godfrey Kassano from Dar es salaam Tanzania. I've been following ODK with interest since 2017 when I started working with Humanitarian OpenstreetMap Team (HOT) in different projects including Ramani Huria and others. Since then, I've been using ODK in various projects involving data collection.

I'm interested in knowing a lot concerning ODK since it has been part of my life since I use it frequently in my dairy activities.

You can find me on facebook, Twitter

(Yaw Anokwa) #581

(Yaw Anokwa) #582

(Sanusi Umar) #583

I am Sanusi Umar,community health care worker,working as immunization officer,based in wara,ngaski LGA of Kebbi State in Nigeria. Got involved with ODK on data collection and submission to desired organisation.

(Adebola Adenekan) #584

Hi I am Adebola Adenekan, a data analyst with experience in GIS, urban and transport planning expertise in Kaduna state. I have only been introduced to ODK about five years ago but actively benefited from using it for a year now for solid waste data collection in Kano and Lagos states of Nigeria.

I'm open to more learning and development!


(Baba Dahiru) #585

Sunusi welcome on board, happy to hear from you, your experience with odk have developed your form or working to developed one.

(Bidemi Adejumo) #586

Hello all,
Am Adejumo Bidemi Saheed from Nigeria. I am a Remote Sensing and GIS analyst. I discovered ODK when I was the Team Lead GIS with Abuja Electricity Distribution Company for real time field data capture. It is an awesome tool.

Nice to meet u all.


(Adebola Adenekan) #587

With experience in ODK, I develop the forms I used for the surveys on SW collection, customer feedback.


(MOMBOLO EBENYA Christian) #588

Hello everyone. I'm Christian MOMBOLO. I come from DRC Kinshasa, i'm un contributor of ODK Collect. I'm happy to be here

(Evans Makundi) #589

I am Evans Makundi From Dar es salaam, Tanzania

I have used ODK from 2011 to 2014 on various projects, and it was beautiful tool. i use to develop my own server for fetching data from ODK Collect but at the moment most of the functions are depreciated.

I have recently modified ODK collect to meet some small changes that i need i am yet to test it out on another project,

Anyone from around Africa are welcome to share ideas or borrow a hand on few things.