Introduce yourself here!

(Punit Soni) #590

Hi my name is Punit Soni. I am form India Rajasthan and i am a ODK Programmer in PMA2020 and PMA Agile. I am working in ODK last 3 years .

(Alex) #591

Hi everyone!

Programme & monitoring manager for an uplands agricultural extension programme in chilly (but beautiful) Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar. Using ODK tools to monitor farmers' retention and adaptation of technical packages for livestock, aquaculture and homegardening. New-ish to ODK but some background in database design and M&E.

Otherwise enjoy running in and gazing at Chin State's mountains.

Looking forward to learning from the ODK community!

(Udochukwu Egwim) #592

Hi everyone,

I am Udochukwu from Nigeria. My first contact with ODK was in the course of planning a cumbersome survey which would have cost lots of paper and time for data entry, so I started my search for a digital option and found ODK which changed my life and career. I have been using ODk for a few years now and also mWater.

I work with Nonprofits as an M&E, so I use ODK daily but would definitely love to learn more.

A big Thank you to the developers and team

(Moussa Sayo Issoufou) #593

Hi all, I'm Moussa Sayo Issoufou from Niger Republic. I currently work for Tetra Tech as M&E Specialist under SERVIR West Africa Program.I had heard about ODK a few months ago as data collection, processing and analysis tool. I'm excited to use it thats why I want to learn more about.

Long life to ODK community

(Ferdnand Job) #594

Great that you are here.

(Kokou ELolo AMEGAYIBO) #595

Hello I'm Kokou Elolo AMEGAYIBO, alias @Akeamazan, from Togo :togo: , I'm IT and Data Lover :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . An OpenStreetMap Contributor. I would like to join and help the ODK Community especially ODK French community for translation and more.
You can also join me on Twitter at Kokou Elolo AMEGAYIBO.


Hello, I'm Patrick from DR Congo. I got involved to ODK from my graduate school as to use it for Public Health Data collection, transmission and analysis.

(Godfrey Kassano) #597

Hi @Evance_Makundi am also in Dar es salaam Tanzania. If you won't mind we can see each other when you've time.

(patrick) #598

I call odk a wonder tool for data management... It is good to learn that we are a big ODK family.
Thanks brothers and sisters

(Godfrey Kassano) #599

Yes, that's true. You welcome.!

(Delcio Raimundo Manuel) #600

I am Delcio Manuel, I am From Angola
I am civil engineer
but I am working as data analyst in the field of health maping
I got involved with ODK platform this year when my company was assisted by World Health Organization(WHO) with a project

(Dinesh Raj) #601

Hi, I am Dinesh Raj, PhD Public Health Research Scholar from the Department of Neonatology. I am aware of ODK from 2010 however, I started to use it only for a year now. I use ODK for retrospective data collection, and I am planning to use it in field to collect data on Pregnant women and neonates.

Though I not qualified to be a coder, I love to be one. During my free time, I search and research on best language to start with android app development and learn from free stuff.


hey am Nji from Cameroon, a systems/network admin. i have been into ODK for some time now and i have helped a couple of people in my community use ODK tools. i really wish i can contribute more.

(Wiki Hamilton) #603

Kia ora koutou, hello everyone. My name is Wiki Hamilton. I currently live in Mindanao, Philippines. I was introduced to ODK by the NGO that I volunteer with, here in South Cotabato. I am very new to ODK and my IT knowledge is low because I am a dino-tech, however I am creating forms from scratch to assist in the ARH Adolescent Reproductive Health project I am involved with. I love reading and I'm currently rereading Bhagavad Gita trans by Stephen Mitchell. Life Fact: Life begins when you stand up, it can happen at any age or not at all (from this dino-tech)

(Anup Krishna) #604

Nice to hear from you. Welcome to the family

(Silumesii Maboshe) #605


  • Where you are typically based - Zambia
  • How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!) - Stumbled upon ODK Collect and ODK Central recently while searching for online/offline data collection tools
  • What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in - Experiments (for now!)
  • Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you -, h
  • Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection! - Is there anything outside data collection? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  • [insert your own fun fact here] - Have you ever seen Batman and me in the same place at the same time? :wink:

(Dr. Gareth S. Bestor) #606

Here ? :slight_smile:

(Craig Savel) #607

Hi everyone. I am Craig Savel, a long time ODK user. I work for the Population Council where I style myself as the resident ODK expert. Based in New York, we've used ODK extensively almost all over the world. I've been lucky enough to go to many of the places we use ODK. Trying to learn more about java so I could eventually even contribute code. It is a great tool and a great group of people.

(Keagan) #608

Hello, my name is Keagan. Am based in Lusaka, Zambia. I was introduced to ODK in 2014 as an Enumerator but I didn't know much about it apart from recording of responses and submitting finalized forms.
Am currently working as M&E Coordinator for World Fish Centre; an international non-profit research organization. I'm very much interested in learning more about ODK tools "in and out". For the past three weeks I have been teaching myself (through using youtube videos) on how to use ODK aggregate and ODK collect, and the training has been good so far. I have since been able to use ODK in mobile data collection in agricultural research.

(Savani Poojan) #609

Hello, My Name is Poojan and I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Nirma University, India. I am very new to this Community and the reasons for joining this community is I am applying for GSOC(Google summer of code) and I want to Contribute.
I am in Android Development and I love to make Beautiful and stunning Apps.

Github Link :-
Website Link :--