Introduce yourself here!

(Ajwad Shaikh) #610

Hello everyone!

My name is Ajwad Shaikh. I have known ODK for about six months now. I have already started contributing to the Open Source Development for ODK Collect in the past week. But my journey with ODK started a while ago, when I was working on my Summer School Project. I forked ODK Collect and created a new app on top of it to suit the organizational needs. However, I understood that the open source community is an absolute essence of how such high quality code is shared and maintained for free in the era of capitalism.

I decided to contribute to ODK as a part of giving back for how the software and the community helped me during my summer school project.

Thanks again!

(Nick Horton) #611

Sup y'all,

My name is Nick Horton. I haven't professionally written since 2014, but I'm looking to break into the market.



Let's work on some docs :sunglasses:


Hi, I'm Eric from Nairobi, Kenya. I'm intending to use ODK for fixed asset data collection at a number of companies. So far I like the app. Wish me luck!

(Ofure Yamah) #613

My name is Ofure Yamah. I am based in a Nigeria. I got to know about ODK through a new friend who visited us from the UK to do a research in my hospital. I am on facebook as Ofure Yamah. I love meeting new people and travelling.

(Yaw Anokwa) #617

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(Giegie) #618

Hi, i'm Gigie from Indonesia!
i'm a monitoring evaluation specialist and we use ODK to help people government and CSOs to reach their purpose.
ODK is a great stuff, help a lot and make work more efficient... thanks!!!


Hi, I am rana a system engineer and I am from Bangladesh. I usually update myself with the newest innovations in the realms of science and technology. I got involved in the ODK community when I started working with a project already using ODK tools. See you around!!

(Fathony) #620

Hello Seth.
I come to ODK from 9 years experience with ODOO.
Yeah, it was beginning from prior OpenERP ver5.0.
I believe we can make a server for ODK using odoo. Do you know that odoo give us total control in frontent part? Front end is what being used by odoo modules: Point-of-Sales, eCommerce, Website, Forum, and also the Blog. And in other side, there is backend which is generally known used by Accounting, Project, Sales, Purcase. Beside the two, there are a combination called "portal". So, Sales Portal is actually a odoo's frontend mode of backend module Sales. and so on.
BTW, I am interesting in ODK 2 (survey,tables).
The unique feature of ODK is: each row recognized by identification of UID/GUID; it is very usefull in term of data portability. While Odoo uses only "auto-increment-integer" to identify the row instance. So, that is the challange to solve for integrating ODK + Odoo.
nice to see you here.

(Fathony) #621

Halo !
I am x2nie. my name is Fathony Lutfillay. From various place in Indonesia, currently I am in Citra Indah City - Kabupaten Bogor - West Java.
I am interesting in ODK 2, it's REST/API parts, also in ODK Servers / communication things.
I see the offline mode capability of ODK is amazingly stable and useful.
Daily, I am working with odoo, HTML, CSS, Javascript and so on.
But I have limited english vocabularies.
Anyway, I am glad to be one of ODK community family.

Nice to meet you all.
Thanks you.

(Muarachmann) #622

Hello everyone, I am called Mua Laurent a computer Engineering student from Cameroon i am interested in ODK and would love to participate and contribute to this community. I have been around open source for a year now. I have skills in Android, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, javascript, python and little Java experience too. i would love to know where to get started thanks. I will also like to participate in GSoC 2019 with ODK but first i would like to contribute with you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

(ISSA) #623

Je viens du Niger
je vais connaitre ODK, c'est pour cela je suis rentré dans la communauté.
je pense il y'a des gens qui peuvent m'aider.
Actuellement je suis chargé des statistiques sanitaires d'une région de mon Pays le Niger.
Meilleures salutations à la communauté.

(kasahun) #624

Hello every one!
I am kasahun shiferaw from Ethiopia,I am Data manager at Addis Abeba university and I am going to migrate my data from HRS to open HDS for using ODK. I hope all of you are volunteer to help me as need.Our data base is very aged it was more than 32 years data,a lot of MSC and PHD students using this data for their publications.
so every one interested in doing researches in Ethiopia can contact me.
Here is my Email address:

(Mwaka) #625

Hello...My name is Mwaka Morris From Uganda, am a databases administrator at Makerere DICTS.

I basically got involved with ODK back in 2015 when I was tasked to set up OpenHDS Environment, a complex demographic system that uses ODK to track,monitor and send collected information on the population of Iganga/Mayuge .
I was fascinated at how ODK connects to servers and works with remote databases very easily, this opened up a lot of new possibilities for me especially in the software and database field.

Since then, I have worked with
1.) Ugandan Gov't to monitor NUSAF 3 projects.
2.) HAPANA CREDIT MONKEY to collect data on farmers across Uganda to help them get loans and point out areas they have to improve through a customized dashboard.
3) Iganga/Mayuge DSS that used a legacy software of HRS2 and migrated to OpenHDS with ODK at its core for data collection.
4.) etc

Some of the things I like to do outside ODK is to
1.) Play basketball and video games
2.) Do alot of programming and software development
3.) Traveling and discovering new cultures. (ODK has made me travel a lot to do data collection in remote areas)

Mwaka Morris :grinning:

(Faith Washburn) #626

Hi everyone! My name is Faith Washburn; I'm an epidemiology analyst for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. I got involved with ODK when I worked for the CDC in Sierra Leone; we used ODKCollect on Android tablets when we visited health facilities in rural communities to assess their compliance with the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response framework. I'm now using ODK for dispensary premise surveys that we're conducting in Los Angeles County as part of our health impact assessment on cannabis regulation (more details here for the interested:
My Twitter handle is @spontanuous - I don't post frequently, and it's a mix of personal and professional, but you're welcome to follow regardless if you'd like! :slight_smile:
One of my favorite non-data things to do is exploring hidden spots, both near home and in different cities when I travel. Atlas Obscura ( is a great resource for that. I've been to mine ruins, forgotten graveyards, caves, ghost towns - all sorts of fun places!
I'm looking forward to learning from you all.

(Giegie) #627

Hi I am Gigie, From Indonesia. love to learn with you all.


(Fathony) #628

Welcome aboard, gan :stuck_out_tongue:

(Megan ) #629

Hello All!

I am based in Nairobi, Kenya and work at Ona, a social enterprise providing technology solutions to our users. These services include the Ona platform, which is a mobile data collection and visualization platform that uses ODK Collect as a data collection tool, Ona Data, OpenSRP, a mobile health platform Ona is developing with the World Health Organization, and Canopy, a data analytics platform.

I help our client through out their data process from developing XLSForms to increase data quality and simplify data collection processes to data management to visualizing data to help decision makers make real-time, evidence based decisions.

Outside of data, I enjoy running, music, and learning new things.

(Joaquín Chemile) #630


I'm currently linving in Buenos Aires (Argentina) I would like helping improving this wonderful app.


(Muarachmann) #631

Welcome @joaquinchemile


Hi guys. I´m from Brazil, and i work with UAV´s and i use ODK to help me in survey mapping.

Usually i use this app to help my clients to not waste time on field, filling paper. This app is the best option to geolocation forms.

thank you so much