Introduce yourself here!

(Matt V) #656

Hello world,

My name is Matt Valdez, and I live in Atlanta, GA :us:. I am a software developer at, where we build digital tools for global health.

(Dtygel) #657

Hi folks, my name is Daniel, from Brazil!

I'm part of a cooperative which develops open source technologies to support grasroots in our country. Our cooperative is called EITA: . Here is our gitlab:

We are thinking about using ODK as an infrastructure to collect data for our various projects.

That's it!

(Tom Smyth) #658

Hooray for co-ops! I'm with Sassafras, a co-op in Michigan!

(Shivansh Tiwari) #659

Hello Everyone!
I am Shivansh Tiwari, a second year college student from IIIT Allahabad, India.
I am a Android and OpenSource Enthusiast. Being the member of my college's FOSS Wing (Technical Society), I am very fascinated and amazed by the wonders we all can create together in this beautiful world of OpenSource Development. I have knowledge of Android Development using Java as well as Kotlin. I also have some knowledge in BackEnd Development and Github.
I am very excited to work with Open Data Kit and learn and contribute as much as I can.
What really fascinates me about this project is that it works to make the life of people easy, and has a direct positive impact on the society. So I think by contributing to this organisation, I really can help this society to become a better place.
Thanks a lot.
Looking forward for some amazing learning sharing experience !

(Yulia) #660

Hello, all! I am a researcher based in Washington DC working on international development projects. We often use Kobo and SurveyCTO for data collection and I always have tons of question - this forum has been a great resource. Really appreciate everyone's contributions and perhaps someday I'll know enough to contribute as well!

(Amey) #661

Hi there, I am amey from Pune, India. I take interest to build some forms not using the HTML only, and found odk standard on google search. so just started exploring this. currently not having any such projects, but interested to learn and then start working on something useful.
my twitter - @amey6991
my github is -

Other then data collection, I would like to do program on python for data scraping, web applications for healthCareIT in India.

(Feyisa) #662

help please am trying to synchronize openhds to tablet

(Sergio) #663

Hello everyone!
I am Sergio from Italy. I came to know ODK last year and I find it a very useful and innovative tool for improving research in the forestry field. I feel like saying thanks to the community for their contribution and for providing support to users and maintenance of such a great platform! Hope somebody could help me with my little troubles when I use ODK!

(Ian) #664

Hello all! I am Ian, a public health physician from the Philippines.

I first learned ODK through one of my colleagues who used it for his research.

I am currently looking into ODK for use as a chronic disease surveillance/disease registry system. At present, we have a PC/web-based platform which has a lot of practical problems in field implementation especially in a place where internet connection is not 100% reliable.

If there are others here who use ODK in that capacity, I would love to get in touch and discuss ideas. Open source is great, especially for developing countries such as the Philippines!

(Abel Melquiades Callejo) #665

If there are others here who use ODK in that capacity, I would love to get in touch and discuss ideas. Open source is great, especially for developing countries such as the Philippines!

Yes there are many people on this forum/community that are based in the Philippines. Me is an example. Welcome aboard Ian!

(Aathman Tharmasanthiran) #666

Hi I am Aathman. I'm an undergraduate at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
I am very exicted to work with ODK very much.

(Camlus Odhus) #667

I'm Camlus. I live and work in Kenya, in some place by the lake called Kisumu.
I have used ODK collect to collect data whilst monitoring polio emergency vaccination campaigns, while assessing health facilities for emergency obstetric care readiness, and for client satisfaction surveys. Basically, I download the software from playstore, install it, follow some provided instructions by the M&E guru responsible for the project(s) and then I set out to the field (households, health facilities), key in data and send to server.
But now I need to learn to be the guru. I presently need to set up an ODK system whereby ministry of health need to conduct a client exit interview at health facilities to assess the level of satisfaction with health services. I have no immediate support in the office so I will rely a lot on this community.
When not collecting data, I read newspapers and journal articles on scientific topics related to health, politics, social justice, and just about any other topic in the universe.
Fun fact: all humans on the planet are related, somehow.

(Harron Otim) #668

Helo family,
I am Otim Harron. A Ugandan by nationality. My profession is information systems analysis. Currently am a MONITORING AND EVALUATION ASSISTANT at Uganda Red Cross Society working in one of the world's largest refugee settlement Bidibidi located in Uganda. The exposure to ODK was through surveys that my organization frequently conducts. The much exposure to mobile data collection where i mostly use ODK Collect on mobile handsets. Am proud to say that i take lead in this.
Am profoundly grateful to be part of this forum.

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(Desta) #670

I am based in Ethiopia, Africa. I am trying to use ODK for data collection and when encountered uploading then I have searched in the google and found this forum. I am not sure as I know the kind of ODK, but I think ODK collect???

(Akshit Ostwal) #671

Hi all I am Akshit Ostwal !!!!

I am new to open source community , i would love to start my journey from this community .

I am also willing to take part in GSoC 2019 as well .

I know JAVA ,C ,C++ , MySQL and right now learning python as well .

How can i contribute to this community ?? Please Guide me!!!!!


(Mateus Cunha) #672

Hi! My name is Mateus,

I am a Civil Engineer from Brazil, I was searching one app like ODK. I don't use it already but I will try to search a way to install here in this forum.

(Doug Rinckes) #673

Hi - I'm Doug Rinckes - I'm heavily interested in mapping and use of geo data. I work for Google in Switzerland, and lead the plus codes project that aims to provide a free, open source addressing solution to communities that lack addresses.

I like ODK as a set of nice, simple tools that allow easy data collection, and look forward to seeing how the tools evolve.


(Christopher Vasanth) #674

I am Vasanth from India. New to ODK. Familiar with Linux, PHP, MySQL (MariaDb). Looking forward to interactions from members in this forum

(Francesco) #675

Hi everyone!
My name is Francesco and I am a GIS/IM specialist working in the humanitarian field.
ODK is a great tool that we use on a daily basis to collect our data when out on the field. I will be happy to contribute as I can to this community.