Introduce yourself here!

(Yaw Antwi-Adjei) #676

I am Yaw Antwi-Adjei from Accra, Ghana. I have been involved in Data Collection for the past 25 years using different technologies. I am more than happy to find out about this community as well as becoming member. I hope to contribute meaningfully to the community and also learning a lot from here.

(Iwara Arikpo) #677

Dear ODK Forum. I am Iwara. I am based in Calabar, Nigeria. I got involved with the ODK community as I tried to find solutions to my ODK projects. Our ODK projects are field surveys using the Google AppEngine platform. I do data science apart from data collection.

(Yashwant Kumar) #678

Hello everyone,I am yashwant from Himachal Pradesh,India.
I am a second year student pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur ,India.
I have been involved in android app development from the first year of my college.Currently , I am seeking to contribute in an open source organization to implement my skill set in real world problems.
My skill set is as follows: c,c++,core java,sql,android app development.
I have gone through the tremendous work done by ODK in the last few years.And I am willing to be a part of this organization .
As a newbie, I want help from the community to know how should I proceed further.


Hi Mateus, how are you?
i´m from Brazil and i have experience with odk. If you want talk about, send me an e-mail

Will be my pleasure to help you.

Best regards

Ricardo Scott



I'm a doctoral student at University of Ottawa focusing on Maternal and Child Health issues in Eastern Africa.

I began using ODK in 2013 for an HIV trial in Uganda; currently I'm using it in a community-based health service trial in Ethiopia. I created surveys for both these trials using XLSForms and haven't yet tried using Build. I've still got plenty to learn and I'm looking forward to it!


(Collins Ozoadibe) #681

Hello all,

My name is Collins I. Ozoadibe and I am from Nigeria based in Abuja; a graduate of Statistics from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria.

A friend introduced me to the community after I participated in a survey using CAPI for the first in 2016.

I started as an enumerator, then a desk-tester and now a programmer for most projects my organisation manages. I have worked on several evaluation projects, because of the organisation I represent and I have trained many organisations and individuals on ODK design. I will also love to learn from another.

I can be reached via @snillok4u on all social media platforms.
I manage data using STATA and Excel.
I love blogging and I also enjoy looking for a problem to solve, staying innovative in in my career.

I don't think I mention that I love driving, and I really do.
I wish I could write more about myself.

(Noor Mohammad Sadiq) #682

This is Noor Mohammad Sadiq, I am based in Afghanistan and I am working for international organization. I am new to use ODK. Through google I found ODK community

(Bob Nkolasato Manda) #684

Hello my name is Bob Nkolasato Manda am based in Lilongwe, Malawi. I work for a consultancy company as a Data Specialist.

I came across ODK when i worked as a research assistant for Kadale Consultancy.

I have used ODK for data collection for School improvement project.

I want to excel in ODk data kit and i hope you will help.

(Shiva Reddy) #685

Do try QRealTime plugin in QGIS 3 deaigned for GIS users to connect with ODK
Really appreciate your feedback.


good day olatunde ojeyinde cco ipokia lg

(Shritesh Jamulkar) #687

Hello everyone, I Shritesh . I am an Application Developer with some knowledge in Machine Learning and Hardware stuffs. I would like to work as a mobile application developer in MIFOS. I wanted to know the status of Android-Client and Mifos-Mobile and I love to contribute in it if its open for contributions.

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(Nara Wisesa) #689

Hello & greetings, I'm Nara from Indonesia. Just started using ODK this week, so I'm looking for many lessons and insights from this Forum :slight_smile:

(Arnesh Agrawal) #690

Hello! I am Arnesh Agrawal, a Freshman studying Computer Science and Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I am highly interested in Android Development since Day-1 of joining my college and learned the basics of it since then. I participated in the Winter Of Code'18 (A similar version to Gsoc held in my college) and I am a member of the Mobile Development Group of my college. My Github account link is I have also developed a basic SOS application called 'Help' and its code can be found in my Github repository.
I have gone through the basic idea of ODK tools and I am really interested in contributing to ODK collect.
I am interested in working with ODK for Gsoc'19.
Apart from the technical stuff, I am interested in reading books and playing badminton! :slight_smile:
Please get me started through the contribution so that we can rock and roll! :smiley:

(Prarabdh Garg) #692

Hello Everyone. I am Prarabdh Garg from India. I am currently in the first year of my graduation from Birla Institute of Science and Technology, Pilani . My interest in android Application Development started when I was in 12th, and was learning java. I wanted to convert basic text-only programs to something more attractive. On research I fount that Android development also uses Java, and so I started learning it.

Now, after having learnt Android Mobile Development for around a year, I have started to get the hang of it. I am a part of the collage team that develops mobile apps for the fests held in our collage. I am currently working on making a quiz app along with the other members of my team. Other projects made by me could be found on my Github profile.

I am here as I senior of mine suggested it to be a good organization to work with for the upcoming GSoC. Apart from GSoC, I also wanted to gain some experience about how to write code collectively.

Apart from app development, my other interests include playing FPS video games, reading and playing cricket.

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(Parviz Parvizi) #694

Hi everyone, I joined the ODK Forum to help out a friend who is having a hard time getting the technical side of things humming for a health surveillance study. I have a background that vaguely touches on the general domain of survey work and analytics (e.g., own a company that provides location and related analytics for mobile phone users in large buildings such as mall, casinos etc; have had a couple of stints working in rural Africa; co-founded the iConsumer initiative at McKinsey surveying consumer digital behaviors globally). But, haven't had a chance to use ODK and thought leaning in would be a great way to help out a friend and maybe learn something in the process.

If you have suggestions on experienced ODK developers, would appreciate any leads.

I posted some background on the research project on the Marketplace board here.

(Aliyu Adamu) #695

Hi everyone, I am Aliyu Adamu Tsafe, a citizen of Nigeria. A highly accomplished monitoring and evaluation specialist with more than 17 years of demonstrated expertise in public health, data collection, analysis, value addition, leadership development, executive coaching, and as an adjunct health management expert. He has garnered rich experience with leading conglomerates and non-governmental organizations in Nigeria and Africa, as well as strong cross-cultural experiences having worked on several projects in almost 6 states in Nigeria, Khartoum in Sudan Sudan and Nairobi Kenya. Technically engaged in the application and use of ODK to collect Immunization Plus Days (IPDs) days data and assessment of Data Quality in the endemic northern states of Nigeria. Also, I participated in the use of ODK for supervision of data collection on Auto-Visual AFP Detection and Reporting (AVADAR), Health Facility Immunization Session Reporting and Management Support Team (MST) for IPDs. My facebook account is aliyuadamu, while my WhatsApp number is +234 803 657 4469 and Skype ID: AliyuAdamu. Outside technical stuff, I love cruising, visiting new places and meeting new friends.
Would like to be engage in application of ODK to assess validity and integrity of service delivery data using Nigeria National Health Information System (NHMIS) as captured and reported on the District Health Information System Phase II (DHIS II). Kindly advice accordingly

(Yardley Estiverne) #696

Hello Guys!
I am new to ODK and I want to use it yo collect data. I am A Digital Marketer and a Data Associate I try to help friends get their feet wet in the world of data and I study more and more every day.
I am from Haiti and I start learning to program in Python and Kotlin.

Thank already for all your help guys!


(Saleh Abuwarda) #698

Hello World,
I am Saleh.
A civil engineer with GIS skills.