Introduce yourself here!

(Henry S.M) #699

Hey everyone. I am glad to be here. I'm Shaykins from Kampala. I have greatly benefited from this community. The knowledge shared here has been very helpful whenever I'm called upon to help with xls forms and deployment for different groups I've worked with. I look forward to interacting with this community as I continue to learn more about odk. Keep up the great work guys.

(Fanny Vessaz) #700

Hello community,

I'm Effy from Switzerland - living in Comoros.

Have been using ODK to monitor small-scale fisheries catches, and other interesting projects, and I must say this is a great tool! Very user-friendly as well as you can use Excel to build the forms. The ODK support community has always been helpful in answering my questions/issues... So here I am to participate and interact more with fellow ODK users!




Hello, my name is Eraldo, I'm a undergraduate student in Statistics, I live in Brazil, I have a GitHub DosAnjosFilho and I'm starting a new job and they asked me to learn how to use ODK.


My name is Nathalie. I'm working at the Conservatoire d'espaces naturels in Montpellier (France) with Mathieu who is a regular contributor to this forum.
I'm working with him to increase ODK use... so build surveys adapted to collegues'uses.
I'm rather a beginner, but quite enthousiastic


(Oscar Orlando) #703

Al fin alguien de Guatemala :sweat_smile::guatemala:

(Carlos Rivas S) #704

@tjaramillo bienvenida, estamos en la misma zona centroamericana, cualquier apoyo con gusto
Saludos desde Nicaragua

Carlos R.

(Stephen Emsley) #705

Hello Everyone, my name is Stephen from Vancouver Canada. I am the cto at an apparel brand called "tentree" (we plant 10 trees for every item purchased). I am working on implementing ODK through the NGO's we work with to track planting activity, protection, tree survivability, quality of life, etc. in remote areas of Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, and Senegal. We are currently working to integrate on-ground form signing through a public blockchain ledger to provide transparency and prevent "double spending/allocation" of the tree planting benefits.

Very happy to have stumbled on this amazing community and look forward to collaborating with you all!

(Mark Herringer) #706

Hello everyone,

My name is Mark Herringer. I'm a South African living in the Amsterdam. I run an open data project publishing open health facility data. Healthsites is building an open data commons of health facility data with OpenStreetMap. We are in the process of adding an ODK data collection form that will publish to OpenStreetMap. I tweet here.

Favourite things include cycling around the canals, indoor climbing, yoga and discovering quirky cafes.

(Joy Song) #707

Hello everyone! My name is Joy Song, based in Shanghai. I am a career coach working for my own company, to provide career services for Chinese international students.

My work with computing science students specifically has exposed me to GSoC projects and thus allowed me to develop an interest in such projects. As a result of this, I have been doing some research on open source organizations. My interests continues to grow as I learn more about the organizations. I have now come to the realization that in order to get involved I need to learn programming language.

My software engineer friend suggested that I should start to contribute to a specific open source project I am most interested in, in order to figure out the steps required and how open source organizations work. With this in mind I looked through all the organizations listed in GSoC for the past month and discovered ODK.

ODK is my ideal organization because of the respect I have on the focus put on using data to help improve our world; especially for low-income countries who rely on it and its works in challenging environments. Additionally, I think it is amazing that ODK can collect data remotely without internet connection or cell carrier access.

I would therefore value joining the community and contributing to these values!

(Kokou ELolo AMEGAYIBO) #708

welcome @Mark_Herringer

(Baboucarr Sesay) #709

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(Baboucarr Sesay) #710

Hi Everyone!
My name is Baboucarr Ceesay (You can call me Babu). I am currently based in The Gambia, West Africa. I work as an IT Specialist for the Ministry of Health (National Malaria Control Program) in the Gambia:gambia:, and have been following ODK since 2017. I was really impressed with its capabilities and knowing that it is the right solution for low resource Countries like the Gambia.

However, I'm actually working on a project that will leverage ODK as the right Data Collection and Management Solution for a more effective Mass Net Distribution (LLIN) and Seasonal Malaria Chemo-prevention Campaigns in the Gambia. That said, I have finally decided, and very excited to join the Community in order to share knowledge and learn more about the Software.

Twitter: @thisisbabou

Bravo to the ODK Team for this great job!

Best Regards,

(Michael Nolivos) #711

Hi all, my name is Michael Nolivos, I'm based near Toronto, Canada

I found a ODK dev talking about technical debt on Twitter, then I discovered the ODK website

I want to create a data collection tool for architectural tech debt scientists, so that development teams can make better refactoring decisions.

I'm on Twitter @micksabox, my company site is, I'm
considering using ODK project for RefactorKit Symptom Tracker.

I'm a big soccer fan, and I like building side-products and dabbling in entrepreneurship.

(Fatimah) #712

Hi all,
My name is Fatimah. I knew and joined this forum from GitHub.
My main goal is to contribute to the ODK project in GitHub as a software developer to help them and to improve my skills.

Thank you.