Introduce yourself here!

(Gabriel Simon) #720

My Name is Gabriel Simon, reside the capital City of Nigeria(I Love my country). I got involved in ODK through a project that i participated in, it was an ODK collect project for primary school data for the Nigerian government. I was really fun working with ODK for the first time and i loved the experience.On Github you can follow me as Gabriel simon Mbaiorga, I will love to contribute to the ODK community anytime any where. One thing i love doing as much a working with data is android programming and building restful APIs using java.

(Joshua) #721

Hi all,

I discovered ODK and uncovered an interest in clean and controlled data last year!

I'm self taught and use it every day as an aid worker. It's proved invaluable in my line of work and I'm always amazed at how versatile it can be.


(Annunziata Kinya) #722

Hello guys,
I am a college student based in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently on my internship, I was given a task to host ODKAggregate on the company's local server then design the forms using XLSForm for a project to collect field work data. I code during my free time. I mostly love Android development but I also do web development. So far it has been a great and interesting journey.

(Moksh Mahajan) #723

Hello everyone! I'm Moksh Mahajan, a third year Computer Science undergraduate from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu. I have one and a half year experience in Java and Android development. I have worked on RecyclerView, JSON parsing using Retrofit, Firebase Database, Room Database, basic Android components etc. I am a GSoC'19 aspirant and would like to work with this organisation.

(AdityA Taktode) #724

Hello everyone, this is AdityA, second year engineering undergraduate.. I want to contribute this year through GSoC. I know Java, JavaFX, python, C programming and also have experience in Android development.

(Sushmita0810) #725

Hey everyone, I am Sushmita, third-year college undergrad and I want to work with ODK.
I want to work for the project increase devices support by device to device transfer app.

(Catherine Alves) #726

Hello ODK Forum community! My name is Catherine Alves and I'm a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My research interests focus on coral reef ecology, fisheries management and interdisciplinary marine conservation efforts.

I'm about to embark on my first project using ODK on tablets to interview fishers in Belize to evaluate the impact of community-based fisheries management on their livelihoods and perceptions.

Any tips for first-time users??

(Bidemi Adejumo) #727

I'll advise you critically examine and your questionnaire design and style and also to section it as much as possible for better data management

(Aksel Mjeldheim) #728

Hello, my name is Aksel Mjeldheim and I working in the IT-unit of a social science research institute in Norway. We are trying to set up ODK for our researchers to use when they are doing field work. We had it working with Googel App Engine, but we are now trying to set up our own server in Azure.. but we are not there yet..thats why I am here. We have little experience with java, tomcat and postgresql but are hopeful we will manage in the end..

(Rahul Kumar Shah) #729

Hello everyone!
My name is Rahul Kumar Shah and i'm 2nd year undergraduate student at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi,India. I've been working on Android more than a year now and have some really good experience.From this year i'm really into Open Source & like to contribute as well.
I learned to know about ODK from GSoC-2019 and like the idea & work here.

From the ODK idea list GSoC-2019, i have seen all apps that are under development and by my side i like the "skunkworks-crow" project i.e. WiFi-based transfer app. And from GSoC-2019 i want to contribute my work in this project.

(Abhishek Sharma) #730

Hello Everyone,

I'm Abhishek Ashwanikumar Sharma, currently an undergraduate pursuing my B.E. in Computer Science Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani, India. I have been developing Android applications and managing them for the last two years for my college and a start-up that I had worked with. I have a huge interest in Java and RxJava and have worked on a lot of Android applications using them. I've done a couple of projects in Kotlin as well while developing applications for my college fests.

I am new to open source and would love to contribute to this community. Also, I'm targeting GSoC 2019.

Any leads on how to get started would be highly appreciated. Looking forward to be a part of Open Data Kit Community.



Hi everyone
I am Mel Breganza from the Philippines, currently working at the Phil. Department of Agriculture. I started using ODK in 2014 and did some projects using the platform, mostly in gathering agricultural data.

I find ODK a very robust tool in acquiring real-time data.

I joined the forum to gain more information because I am still a newbie and needs to learn more in deploying ODK tools.

Thank you.

(JCL) #732

Hi I'm Jonathan. I've tried ODK before but have come here because I want to try the new Central, as Aggregate seems very heavy. Looking forward to using ODK in various organisations. I'm usually in London but often travelling.

(steve) #733

good day to all of memebers of the community. i am steve from brandon manitoba. know the community from a friend of mine in apknite, and speaking of which, i am an IT, working to make games and stuff similar to that. just want to say hi to everyone!

(Paola) #734

Hi there,

My name is Paola Viglietti, I am currently a Masters in Public Health (MPH) student at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Although I am now a public health student my background is in Neuropsychology.

I recently completed my course work for my MPH and am now working on the thesis component of my degree. For my thesis I have joined an overarching project in the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine of UCT looking into the effects of Pesticide use on child neurological and endocrine development in agricultural areas of the Western Cape South Africa.

We have been using the ODK application on cell phones to collect socio-demographic data from parents and guardians of the child participants in our project, which has worked out well so far but we are currently experiencing a few technical issues which I'm trying to follow up on.

Outside of data collection and academia in general, I really enjoy hiking in and around Cape Town. I also enjoy taking photographs, doing ceramics and oil painting, when I can fit it in.

(Sai Jagadeesh) #735

I am jagadeesh.
I am interested in applying for Google Summer of Code 2019 to contribute for Open Data Kit on the project Increase devices supported by device to device transfer app.

Thanking You

(Rajat) #736

Hello ODK Community,
I am Rajat, 3rd year Btech Student from Delhi pursuing IT.
I got to know about ODK through GSOC.
My github account link :sweat_smile:
I like coding and working on android studio.
[Fun fact: Jon snow knows something :joy: ]
p.s : most of my jokes are lame
Looking forward to work with ODK community and focus on overall development.


(Ashutosh Kumar) #737

Hello everyone, My name is Ashutosh Kumar and i want to work in gsoc 2019 for Increase device supported by device to device transfer app.
Looking forward to work with the community.

(Jaklyn) #738

Hi all,

My name is Jaklyn, I'm currently based in Ecuador, but am originally from the US. I am currently a peace corps volunteer and am using ODK to collect survey data for a local health clinic. I am hoping to train some health workers in odk to streamline their data collection as well. I will be returning later this year to umich to complete my master's in information studies.

Looking forward to collaborating with you all.

(Mohamed Adel) #739

Hello , my name is mohamed adel , i am a development manager @ esri northeast africa
we are a leading company in geographic information systems across northast africa and middle east.

we are currently exploring verious solutions for form building.

Mainly we are using xamarin technology for building cross platform mobile applications

hoping to find ODK is fullfilling our needs and fruitful framework :slight_smile:

Best Regads
Mohamed Adel