Introduce yourself here!


Good place to start is browse through the various ODK project repositiories in github, find a project you are interested in, say ODK Collect, and take a look at the "Issues" table and then under "Labels" select 'good first issue'. That'll give you a list of TODO's that might be a good place to get your teeth sunk into! :slight_smile:

FYI direct URL for above is

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Hello everyone, I am Robin Singh currently an undergraduate pursuing my B.Tech from LNMIIT, Jaipur, India. I have been developing Android applications for the last 9 months. I have done a couple of projects in java as well as Kotlin.
I am new to open source and would love to contribute to this community. Also, I'm targeting GSoC 2019.
Any suggestion on how to get started would be highly appreciated. Looking forward to being a part of Open Data Kit Community.


Hello everyone,

I have used ODK in various projects to collect field data since 2016. I am based in Nairobi, Kenya and work at Ona, a social enterprise providing technology solutions to our users. These services include the Ona platform, which is a mobile data collection and visualization platform that uses ODK Collect as a data collection tool, Ona Data, OpenSRP, a mobile health platform Ona is developing with the World Health Organization, and Canopy, a data analytics platform.

I help our client through out their data process from developing XLSForms to increase data quality and simplify data collection processes to data management to visualizing data to help decision makers make real-time, evidence based decisions.

Apart from data, I like playing and watching football and listening to music.


Salut, je m'appel Fortunat, j'habite Ă  Kinshasa (RDC) dans mes recherches, j'ai dĂ©couvert, ODK, un outil puissant pour la collecte de donnĂ©es. PrĂ©sentement, je suis dans l'apprentissage de cet outil dans le but de consolider ma connaissance. En dehors de l'enquĂȘte, je prĂ©fĂšre Ă©couter la musique.


Hi sir,
This is somu. I am doing my graduation
I want to take part in google summer of code
I am new to it so i need some help to start it


Hello ODK community
myself samarth i am from india and doing my btech in computer science.I want to be a part of gsoc and work in your organization
I have learnt java and worked on android studio and making applications from last 3-4 months
But I am very new to this odk technology.
So could you please tell me that if I have sufficient knowledge so that i could work on this project and
be a part of your community.
please tell me as soon as possible.

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Hi, i am Walter Okello - Ugandan Working for ChildFund International Uganda Country Program as M&E Manager. I have just started using ODK in 2018. I am here to learn more.


Hi, Myself Praveen yadav, I am 2nd year student of IIT Kanpur(India). I am interesting in working with android. So I choose ODK in GSoC. I want to work with android application with ODK. I also worked on android application and firebase database in my own projects.
My github:-


Hello everyone, Pritam here from India, I am new to ODK


Welcome Walter Okello always nice to see a brother from the same region on this forum..


salut! Je suis Gaétan AGBOGBA . Je suis tombé sur ODK en 2018 en cherchant un outil de collecte mobile de données. Je suis intéressé par la collecte, le traitement et l'analyse de données. Je voudrais contribuer à travers la communauté mais pour cela je veux maßtriser l'outils pour l'utiliser dans mes travaux.
Je suis béninois et je suis basé à Cotonou au Bénin (Afrique de l'Ouest).

Vous pouvez me trouver sur GitHub (Gaetan-AGBOGBA) et Twitter

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Hi ODK Community,

Nice to meet you all! I am based in the UK mostly and started using ODK for collecting data for the Red Cross 2 years ago.
I think I use ODK almost every day or something like that... Very grateful for all the regular upgrades!
Github and Twitter usernames: zibethin
Apart from my work, I sometimes have a life and try to do watersports wherever I can :slight_smile:


WIN_20181231_20_12_42_Pro%20(2) Hi, my name is Carol Papalas, and I started writing grant proposals many years ago, even took the week long seminar from the Grantsmanship Center, but stopped writing grants several years ago. Just recently, I received a surprise assignment to write a grant proposal to the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. The crux of the grant, called "Grand Challenge" is proposing the elimination of parasitic worm infestation in Haiti. The "Grand Challenge" requests that we concentrate on the topic of "Negligent Tropical Disease Data Innovation Incubator". Well, you all, I've written proposals for Arts organizations until this recent grant, and I was stymied. I have had crash courses on Negligent Tropical Diseases and on data collection, geographical information systems (GIS), and mapping, all of this since Friday. It's been exhausting. The Letter of Inquiry for the grant proposal is due on March 25th. Believe me, it's been an interesting journey, and will continue as such, I'm sure. I just hope that I can write up something intelligible and that we get the funding. Whew! Oh yes, I need help with understanding ODK, and how to use it. We will need to understand how it works if we decide to use it.


kingsley Zuze from Malawi, working as a Data Officer in health related studies

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Hello, I am Chand Kiran Singh from Gautam Buddha University, India. I have developed a few apps that solves real time problem like bluetooth attendance system, WSD and also posted them on the Google Play Store. I am interested in doing a project for GSoC (Open Data Kit). Can you tell me where can I get started with easy problems to solve?


My name is isidore KIKISSAGBE i'm come from benin and i use odkcollect since this year because it is an a good app for surveys et another collect data

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Hello Everyone!

I am an ODK Champion here in the Philippines. I am working as a Teacher at the Visayas State University, situated in the province of Leyte, Eastern Visayas Region of the Philippines. I started using ODK way back 2017 in our one of our research projects. Until such time that I've been so familiar to it, and been using the suite in our other research projects for the data collection up to this time. And I am one of the pioneer users of ODK here in our university.

Fortunately, a new socio-economic research center was established in our school funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) -PCAARD and it is named as "Visayas Socio-economic Research and Data Analytics Center" or ViSERDAC, one of the three socio-economic and data analytic centers established in the Philippines (the other two is in Luzon (UPLB) and in Mindanao (UP Mindanao). Philippines is comprised of 3 major regions, the Luzon region which is the upper portion of the country, the Visayas region, located at the center portion and the Mindanao, the lower geographic portion of the country). The socio-economic research center is focused in capacitating socio-economic research, development and extension projects in the region, and we all know that most socio-economic research/studies requires massive data collection on the target areas/field. Luckily, I was the one being contracted for conducting a training on gathering data in a digital way (since I am a tech-savvy person), and since I am very much familiar with ODK, I've introduced the ODK tool on their series of seminar-workshops. I think, I've lectured on their several training's for around third times already. And I was been talking all about ODK throughout those seminars, and trained the participants on how to use ODK, esp the ODK Suite 1 for collecting data. With that, the center also contracted me to create an ODK manual or a training module, and I've already created it, though not yet finalized but more or less, it's near to completion. And I just wanted to inform you all, the whole ODK community about it and maybe, if somebody can look at the material that I've created, to criticize or correct should there be any mistakes I had committed on the material. Also, I am eager to share the material so that newbies can have a sort of a guide on how they can use the basic functions of ODK Suite. The manual I've created was detailed and comprehensive so that anybody who reads it, will easily understand it, and use the tool immediately at their own pace. I have also provided introductions about the tool, where and how did it started, advantages and disadvantages, similar platforms, value added services, and alike. That's why, I wanted somebody from the ODK pro's here to look at the manual/training module that I've created for it to be available to everybody as soon as it is possible. Though I have that idea of posting it here, but perhaps, I think it would just be better to post it later, once it is almost final. And for those who wish to see the manual I've crafted, just PM me to see and proofread my work. It would be highly appreciated.

PS: The server I have discussed on the training module/manual is through Google Sheets, but I have also discussed thoroughly what are the other ways (such as the ODK Aggregate).


I am a Program Manager with the Google Earth Outreach program based in Mountain View, California, USA. Our program supports organizations working for social and environmental good to use Google mapping tools and technologies through our online tutorials, case studies and in-person workshops. I became involved with the ODK community because many organizations we work with collect data using ODK and then want visualize that data in our mapping tools.

I've led many ODK training sessions at workshops over the years, most recently this session on ODK + Google Drive/Sheets at the 2018 Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Australia.


Hello all,
I'm Nay Zaw from Myanmar. I'm working for humanitarian and non-profit organizations especially around the Data programming, Monitoring and evaluation fields.
Previously, I was involved the data collection preparation process which will use ODK as a tool. Now, my organization is planning to use ODK platform for future data collection. So, I believe joining this community will be supportive for my learning.


Hie everyone,

Greetings from a recent Msc graduate in the field of Agricultural Economics at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe. Currently working for a private company by the name Total Motor Mart as a Public officer. Early last year he was involved in the review of the questionnaire and collection of data using CAPI system developed by Survey Solutions. He has attempted programming in Survey Solutions and found it interesting although he is willing to try other alternative options available. He is considering specializing in Monitoring and Evaluation hence the need to be well versed with contemporary data collection tools as they are quite critical in that field.