Introduce yourself here!

Hi all,

I'm a postgraduate student about to conduct an internship in South East Asia assisting to improve their data-collection processes and naturally ODK came up as a strong option.

I am an absolute rookie in ODK and hopefully soon I will have a vague idea how to set it up and then a touch later have an even better idea to be confident to use it

I look forward to connecting with everyone and learning more about ODK with everyone



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Where you are typically based: Greenville, South Carolina, USA since May 2019
How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!): taking course in drawing and illustrating natural science, insects, birds, plants, trees
What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in: none, first time user
Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you: @davidr46 on twitter
Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection!: read, draw, explore my new property.
[insert your own fun fact here]: Played football for Purdue University in 1967....Studied Forestry, write poetry


Hi everyonee,
I am based out of Hyderabad, India. I am a software developer working for ThoughtWorks. I was looking ahead for some open source contributions and I liked the ODKs ideology. I am yet to start my contributions.



I'm Rachael Burke. I'm an infections disease doctor and clinical epidemiology health researcher at LSHTM (London), but currently living and working in Malawi. I don't directly work with LSHTM Open Research Kits crew (, but I did share an office with some of them and they've been very kind at introducing me to the world of ODK.

Looking forward to working more with ODK!



Hi folks,
I'm based in Australia and am working on a project in Cambodia. I have absolutely no programming skills. I am a researcher and my client has asked that I use ODK. It looks pretty good. I've made my survey using Build and am now struggling to set up Central. :frowning: The instructions are pretty awesome but I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm stuck. Thanks in advance!


I am Ezekiel Luhanga, based in Lilongwe. Used ODK in the past as an end user. Excited to learn the programming part


I am Kyaw Yar Aung from Central Statistical Organization under Ministry of Planning and Finance in Myanmar. I really know about the ODK since 2017. Our country using the ODK for community death outside of hospital because our country weak to define Causes of Death in community death. But, we have some of the problems while collect the data on the odk questionnaire. Sometimes we require the edit or update the questionnaire but we haven't skillful to edit or update the questionnaire. So, I hope this forum's members can support the problems.

Thank you for all,
Kyaw Yar Zar Aung


Yay! Someone else in Malawi! Greetings from Blantyre.


Hello dear all!

I am Karerica from Niger. I am francophonne so forgive me for my low level in English. I am a student and do research on kobotoolbox to specialize, so I give practical and theoretical courses to other students and even professionals. See you soon in the forum.


Thanks a lot! Greetings from LL too


Hi there

I am based in New Zealand and act as a solutions provider. I have recently taken over the support of an organisation that has been using ODK for several years. ODK is new to me, but I have decades of experience with software development. So far I have been impressed with the flexibility and reliability of ODK.


Hi Ko Kyaw Yazar Aung,

I am Nicholus from Myanmar and work as Senior Research Associate in IPA. We use ODK extensively in all of our research work and I am also supporting ODK form development through XLS programming to MOHS and DSW. So, if you have any technical assistance on ODK and XLS programming, feel free to reach me. I am ready to support you and your organization.

Best regards,


Hey everyone! I am Shubham Pathak. I am a college student who loves to build android apps. I am a big fan of open source community so, wanted to contribute to it. ODK is a great tool that is used worldwide for gathering data and analyzing, it would be wonderful if I will be able to improve it for everyone.
Would be great to be a part of the community!


Hey friends am new here but am feeling excited already, been a part of this family gives me great joy


I am Harrison Njamba from Nairobi Kenya. I work at International Livestock Research Institute as a Data Systems Manager responsible for databases, tools development and general data management.

I use ODK extensively in data collection for cross sectional and longitudinal data management. I have played around a lot with the App and done complicated stuff that users in the organisation request. I have been using ODK since 2014 and I would say I have quite some experience.

When I am not doing databases I like reading a lot in the area of technology and world politics.

I hope to contribute to this community and happy to be here with you all.


Hello! I'm Andrea.

I was born in Italy, but over the past decade I’ve been living in several countries, including the amazing Sierra Leone :sierra_leone:! I’m currently based in Washington DC, but often travel for work (and leisure :surfing_man:t4:).

I started using ODK in early 2013 to monitor a public works project in rural communities.
I was immediately fascinated by both the simplicity and effectiveness of the toolkit, and started experimenting with it. Using ODK Collect we were able to capture details and photos of thousands of beneficiaries, increasing transparency and enhancing monitoring in the project. Since then, I’ve helped several major international organizations and NGOs in improving their data collection and service delivery systems, often using the ODK toolkit.

I really value the support the community provides in the forum and I’m excited to join the discussions and share experiences.

Outside of data collection, I like to travel, meet people and learn new things.


Hi, happy to be on this Forum, I'm "Sule Sylvanus Africa" a Statistician with Gombe state bureau of statistics Nigeria, I'm interested in the area of Health, education ,child protection and Gender Statistics. I'm new in Using ODK, but Now is time for my myself and my Organisation to stop using paper and pencil in data collection. I hope this is right place to be. Thanks


Thanks Nicholus for your assistant and I will ask you if we have technical problem in ODK .

Best regards,
Kyaw Yar Zar Aung

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Hi, I am Karana,
I am a freelance consultant specializing in conflict management

I bounce around west and central Africa but am based in Côte d'Ivoire.

I first got involved in ODK when I promised to conduct a field assessment and stumbled across this platform. I am self-taught and have been using ODK for about 4 years now - a total of maybe 10 large-scale data collection exercises usually in conflict zones and centered around household surveys of the main conflict issues affected a community or refugee camp.

I have web site but it is fairly dead. Need to reanimate it on another platform since Weebly is no long accessible in Côte d'Ivoire.

I love ODK for its simplicity in design but I have been looking to learn more about the recent updates and looking to find out more how to use it via SMS