Need access to the ODK Central sandbox

:wave: here! I am editing the submission of the R package ruODK by @Florian_May for rOpenSci and need access to the sandbox (if I understand correctly) as it is probably the easiest way for me to run the tests and give the package a try. Thanks!

Hi @maelle, thanks for reviewing ruODK!

I just managed to create an account for the ODK Central sandbox using the email from your website (.se), made you admin and added you as manager to my project (id 14, DBCA WA).
@yanokwa hope that's ok?

For the tests, you'll need the env vars as per unit tests. I'll follow up tomorrow with settings.


Thanks! So now I only need ODKC_URL, right?

Is this a sandbox project btw? It'd be better than an actual project :slight_smile: