Newsletter for ODK

(Yaw Anokwa) #21

@iamnarendrasingh We've had a Research page on the ODK website for some time and the reason we had it was because ODK was built by academic researchers so it was important at that time to have a single place to put papers that we wanted other academic researchers to cite.

I'm not sure that is as big of a need anymore since ODK has evolved more from a research project to a more traditional open source software project. I'm curious what high-level problem you want to solve by telling people that there are papers written on ODK technology?

(Yaw Anokwa) #22

I love this plan, @downey!

We do already have a Scheduled category that moderators have access to, so that will work great for timed posts.

I've put the interview template that @LN and @iamnarendrasingh came up with at

Everyone on this thread has write access to so we can iterate on the messages that will go out to interviewees! Others can leave comments.

(Narendra) #23

Hello all , i am coming up with a more smaller but in a fruitful manner so our ODK user will get information about a feature, also get release update if he missed ODK release info and one interview.
Below is link for update format of ODK newsletter:

And yes @yanokwa @downey in "Do you know?" section we can put a feature(this feature can be old) but useful. In this section, we can put a new update as well which will come with our new ODK website.
@LN could you share one more time my interview with me?

Looking for your feedback.


(Narendra) #24

Any update? shall i continue on Do you know? article??? or i need to do something else?

(Michael Downey) #25

Hi @iamnarendrasingh ... I thought I'd take a shot at maybe suggesting some minor adjustments in the "Did You Know" (DYK) examples you posted. Would that be OK to do in the Google Doc?

Personally I think -- even if they are short -- they could be nice little topics in the #showcase category, or perhaps something similar. It would be nice maybe to "wrap" them in a little description about the "series" of DYK and offer people to contact you with suggestions to add to the "queue" of future posts.

(Yaw Anokwa) #26

Totally agreed with @downey about using the showcase.

My expectation was that we'd be taking the core content ideas that @iamnarendrasingh suggested for a newsletter and incrementally trying to push that content out using our existing channels. In fact, I've scheduled Narendra's interview post to go out tomorrow on the forum.

@iamnarendrasingh, in the spirit of incremental change, I propose that you use the interview template to facilitate another interview (pick one person from your interview list) and let's see how that goes. When you send the message to the potential interviewee, cc @showcase-wg (everyone on this thread is on it) so there is visibility into the process and nothing falls through the cracks. The working group can also help with editing.

Once that general process is vetted, we can then go through the nine or so interviewees on your list. And once we have some momentum, we can dig into how best we can do in-depth feature narratives. The "Did you know" framing you suggested is great and we could use the same process that we are building for interviews to get those out on the forum...

(Narendra) #27

I gave you access of all Do you know? Google doc which you requested on email.

(Narendra) #28

Yes @yanokwa i will take follow up with all person for I interview and also I will starter doing work on Do you know? In showcase category.
I think that we should publish interview with odk newsletters.

(Michael Downey) #29

Cool, thanks! I'll take a review later today & provide some comments & ideas. :slight_smile:

(Michael Downey) #30

Hey @iamnarendrasingh I made some suggestions & comments on the 2 documents. Feel free to take a look an accept/reject any, or ask me if you have follow up or clarification questions! Looking forward to these! :slight_smile:

(Narendra) #31

I went through with that and soon I will do more work on them and will come with the updated version.
@yanokwaI will start making follow up for an interview with my list.

One more thing which is in my mind that i want to ask you is:
Shall we post one interview in a month or two?
If one then we can post on 2nd Tuesday of the month and if two interviews then we can post that on second and fourth Tue of the month.

Thanks, @LN, and @yanokwa for giving me the honor of being the first interviewer on this platform.

(Michael Downey) #32

Personally ... I think either rate is fine, depending on how long the "backlog" of existing interviews is! One thing that I'd recommend for consideration (based on my previous experience) is to not guarantee any specific schedule for releasing the interviews. Just an "approximate" one. The reason for this, in my opinion, is that it can become overly stressful to make sure that you have one always lined up and making sure to hit the hard deadline. And promising interviews every N weeks sets people up for an expectation that doesn't really need to be there.

So in other words, TL;DR: Maybe say "around every 3 weeks +/- 2" :slight_smile:

Of course, feel free to ignore above advice if a set schedule is easier for the folks involved in gathering and producing the interviews!