ODK 1 TSC Election results

(Yaw Anokwa) #1

We had a number of great applications for the ODK 1 TSC Election - 2018-07-16 so thanks to everyone who applied!

After a long discussion, the ODK 1 @TSC is pleased to announce that we've added three new members to our ranks. Those new members are:

Congrats to Guillermo, Dan, and Martijn! Thank you for stepping forward to help lead the technical work on Collect, Build, Aggregate, Briefcase, Central JavaRosa, and XForms.

ODK 1 TSC Election - 2018-07-16
(danbjoseph) #2

I look forward to doing more for this great project, thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity!

(Guillermo) #3

Thanks! I'm excited about helping to keep this great community going foward :slight_smile:

(Martijn van de Rijdt) #4

Thanks. I look forward to helping out, where I can.