Odk aggregate is not working and watchdog error gcp



Dear colleagues from odk forum,
I’m using the most up-to-date version of odk aggregate, installed on the google cloud platform, according to the explanation on the odk website. I used the free version because I believed that for my use it would be more than enough, but it was not.
Now I am unable to access the aggregate platform and delete the information that is possibly causing the system crash. I deactivated the app engine and am waiting for the 24hours cycle to be able to see if I can access the aggregate system before reaching the free limit.
I noticed that GAE / watchdog and aggregate / html are consuming my entire free limit.
Is there any way to configure the system so it does not happen so often?
Is there a way to access the aggregate system, even though the google cloud limit has reached the full usage limit?
Is there any way to find out if I choose to pay billing for how much the value would look like? Well I’m afraid to enable billing and come up with a very expensive bill, because of a more complex form that we’re putting together.
Is anyone able to help me solve this problem?
Thank you very much,
Ricardo Scott

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I’m closing this thread because Mitch responded here. If that link doesn’t answer your question, please create another topic!

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