ODK Briefcase v1.16 Beta

I tried to use this briefcase version on a 1.4.12 ODK Aggregate server to download a form that has a couple of repeats.
This works perfectly with the previous version of Briefcase.

Now with this version when I try the export I get an error (see attached log).
briefcase.zip (1.0 KB)
If you need I can forward you the pulled submissions privately.


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I'll try to reproduce the issue on Windows, just in case :slight_smile:

Thanks, @aurdipas! I'll take a look to the issue you're reporting today :slight_smile:

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I've filed a fix for what @aurdipas is reporting https://github.com/opendatakit/briefcase/pull/760

We had an issue under particular encofings of time zone offsets in time field values.

Hi, @rassam!

I've reproduced the problem you're reporting on a Windows 10. I'll try to do something about it.

Hi, @rassam!

It's kind of hard to track how encoding works when dealing with Briefcase and other apps in Windows, but I wanted to try forcing Briefcase to read the pulled submissions using UTF-8 and I got some confusing results. Here's a screenshot:

You can see here:

  • The Windows notepad app can open the exported file and shows (hopefully correct arabic characters.
  • The powershell terminal doesn't show arabic characters
  • The bash (emulated Linux on Windows) doesn't show arabic characters
    • This one is particularly confusing because I verified that I was using the same locale as in my main Ubuntu machine
    • The blanks might be telling us that the arabic characters are there but the font I'm using doesn't have them, although I can't be sure.

OK, false alarm: I copied the exported file to my Ubuntu machine and now the arabic characters are there.

This proves that we can improve Briefcase. I'll file an issue and, hopefully, it should be released in v1.16.1 tomorrow

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Hi, @ggalmazor


Thanks for your valuable support :slightly_smiling_face:


Heads up, @rassam, @aurdipas! We've just released Briefcase v1.16.1 with the fix for the issues you have reported. Thanks for your help!!

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