ODK Central v0.1 Alpha


(Clint Tseng) #21

yes—perhaps suspend would make more sense. we'll keep that suggestion in mind, thanks!

(Clint Tseng) #22

Hey everybody—thanks for your time and feedback so far. We're hard at work addressing your biggest concerns and getting Central to the point where it is useful for more of your projects in the wild.

We wanted to share our thoughts with you, so I am dropping a link to our block 2 release criteria. This is our working document defining everything we'd like to have in there for the next major release of Central in the coming several weeks.

If you have a moment, please take a look and let us know what you think. Do bear in mind that we do actually work off that document daily, so if you have a lot to say please consider leaving a reply here instead of in the document so that we can still actually read the thing. :slight_smile:

(Sounay Phothisane) #23

Will there be a roadmap for ODK Central development? I would like to know its planned incoming features.

Especially data monitoring, filtering, data mapping, data modification, Enketo integration....

For Google drive backup, could we download the backups on the backup dashboard instead of going back to our Google drive panel?


(Clint Tseng) #24

There isn't yet a roadmap, as Central is still so tiny and the possibility space is so huge that we're still trying to fulfill basic features and learn what you all want. That said, among our top priorities at this moment are permissions and workflow features, like group permissioning. We also have an eye on data modification, as we know that's a big want, but we haven't yet figured out how it should work and it's definitely further out.

For data mapping, we encourage you to use the OData support to pipe the data into a tool that does mapping better than we could—see Yaw's post earlier in this thread for an example. Part of our hope with Central is that by outsourcing data analysis features to tools that do analysis full-time, you get a better analysis experience than we could accomplish with our fairly limited resources, and we buy ourselves more time to look at long-asked-for features (like the advanced permissions and data modification mentioned above). Because the OData feed is live, you can then just press Refresh in the tool to automatically get the latest version of the data, for live monitoring.

As for backup, the current theory is that in a case where you would need a backup restored it is likely you don't have a working, running Central anyway and so the backup dashboard wouldn't be accessible to you. In addition, we would have to build a lot of user interface for you to browse for files and choose the one you want, which would take quite a long time. That said, if it's a popular request we will of course consider it.

Thanks for taking a look, Sounay, and I hope that helps.

(Yaw Anokwa) #25

@Sounay While we don't have a roadmap yet, I'm curious if you had a chance to look over the block 2 release criteria and if you had any feedback on those upcoming features?

For everyone else, @clint has written up some great user documentation at https://docs.opendatakit.org/central-intro to help get you started.

(AMC) #26

I would like to try ODK Central in the sandbox version, how do I get a username and password?

Thanks in advance

(Yaw Anokwa) #27

The process is described at https://docs.opendatakit.org/central-install/#using-the-sandbox. I have sent you an invite.

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