ODK Collect - Uploading results - 404


(Philippe) #1

Hi guys,

I'm new to ODK and so far I've succesfully setup ODK Aggregate on the Google Cloud Platform, created a form with ODK Build, managed to import it into ODK Collect and sent it to Aggregate. Splendid!

Now, I'm trying to setup ODK Collect to send the results to Google Sheets and followed all these steps:

I managed to validate the .XML and placed in on Google Drive. I double checked the submission URL to my Google Sheet, and created an empty tab "results". I made sure the sheet was shared with my ODK Collect Google Account with Editing rights. But when I finalize my form on ODK Collect and send it, I get an error saying:

I'm sure some of you may know what is happening here!
Thank you :slight_smile:

(Philippe) #2

I think I found the issue; there was a typo. Forgot to use a " _ " in one of the columns.
I compared the demo Google Sheet with my own, and that was the only thing I found to be different. Mind the typos! :slight_smile: All working now!

(Andre Koffi) #3

Dear Philippe,
I have the same issue currently.

Try your solution, but still not working :disappointed_relieved:
Any help please!
Thanks. Andre

(Ellen Proctor Libby) #4

I have the same problem. Any solution?