Online course on ODK

(Narendra) #1

I searched and found that there is no course available on ODK. I think we can create a course and provide certificates after courses complete.
Nowadays ODK has been become one of most useful plateform and many phd students also using this so I think we should create a interactive course on ODK.

(adil Mansour) #2

completely agree, but how can we have access, do you have any idea

(Narendra) #3

No could you tell me more about that

(Gildas GUIDIGAN) #4

I'm agree with you dear Narendra. it will be very usefull for us.

(Jonathan Munene) #5

Yeah, agree too. I have extensive knowledge on form authoring and training on ODK, can help out. Am based in Nairobi. I am a digital data collection and data analyst consultant based in Nairobi. Previously worked with Ona, an ODK aggregate server company. Let me know how I can help. I got the materials though. :slight_smile:

(Narendra) #6

Yes, we both can develop and it's always better to cross check your material with someone who can give you inputs.
My email id is "". As now we both will work on this we should exchange email with each other ,
And deliver final and most useful product to ODK Persons.


(Saviour Dela) #7

I agree with this idea. Its great

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #8

Hi Narendra,

Since you are interested to create a course, I believe we need contributions from every one of us including ODK core members like @yanokwa or @LN. I have an idea, please feel free to correct me, if you think that is not feasible. Let's list suggestions from the forum members. What topics of ODK would interest everyone? Then based on that list, we may develop a training module Level -1, 2 and 3. Beginners can start with 1 and those know a little about ODK, may start at Level 2 and so on.

Though I am working with ODK since 2015, still I experience many challenges, like I am not really comfortable with Tomcat installation, I am completely new to Barcode features etc. Similarly, we can ask everyone to post their area on interests or challenges.

I would be more than happy to contribute to basic module development process if that helps.


(Hélène Martin) #9

@iamnarendrasingh You have so many wonderful ideas! And thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in the concept.

I really like @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN's idea of coming up with a plan. You could start a wiki topic for example and encourage people to add what concepts they'd like covered. And I think there's a great exchange concept here as @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN said -- maybe PersonA wants to learn about TopicA and knows about TopicB and PersonB wants to learn about TopicB and knows about TopicA. Perfect sharing opportunity!

There have been so many fantastic community ideas shared recently like this one or the Newsletter for ODK concept and I wish I had more time to engage with all of them! My high level recommendation would be to pick one of these first and start experimenting with content and processes that can be evolved over time. It's hard to start many initiatives at the same time! I think some newsletter / documentation writing would be a good place to start because that could help structure a future course.

As for my personal involvement in these initiatives, currently I feel responsibility to focus on software development as much as I can because there is so much to do! I'm happy to offer feedback and can certainly contribute but I won't be able to lead these kinds of efforts at the moment. I encourage one of you to!

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #10

Thanks Hélène,

For your suggestions and I understand the volume of things you are dealing with. You can just help us with some contributions and feedback.

Thanks again,

(Narendra) #11

Thanks @LN for your ideas and yes you are right we should start with Newsletter first and then once we will make this work function then we can move on another.
And it's just beginning of winter as well as of month we can start doing work on fundamental and then we will publish our newsletter in next month.
@downey i like your idea about pdf so now we have to work on hyperlink. And personally i find Behind the Repos (Episode 01) very interesting concept.
I found few member very prompt on this so i think now we should make a team and lets begin with this work and soon when we will get a new person he will add and we will be bigger in numbers. @Jonathan_Munene @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN will you join me in making of Newsletter for ODK.

Willing forward to hear from your side.

(A N M AL IMRAN (Imran)) #12

Hi Narendra,

I would be glad to work on it. Please let me know, where to start.


(Rashid Lomalia) #13

Nice one odk course is needed

(Ice Mc) #14

I really love the idea of an online course. Since this will help people who dont really love reading the docs to still have a training on how to effectively use ODK tools. Personally I think having a course that teaches on how to create complex forms that shows all the possible widgets supported by collect and the possible constraints we can put on these widgets will be a big win.

(Narendra) #15

There is nothing is complex form it’s all about logic when there is multiple conditions in a single question that seems like a complex however if we will work on that condition step by step than we will able to make that one also.
For online course we will ask and take help of community so we can get what ODK person want so when we will deliver product that product will be best things and useful to all.