Problems in configuring sync-endpoint on local machine


(Mirwais Akrami) #1

I am trying to setup the odk sync_endpoint according to the steps in odk documentations,

I am using docker toolbox and changed it to swarm mode using the command
docker swarm init

after that I cloned the repository and also ran all the commands successfully

my problem is
1 : where should I mention my hostname and what must it be
It checked the file but could find security.server.hostname, should I add it myself? -
which I did
2: after deploying the stack using the command
docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml syncldap, what should I do next?
From the documentation I must go to after some 30s which I did but didn't get anything

@rrowlands, @linl33
Please provide some hints to me, I have tried all what I found but to no avail.

(Waylon Brunette) #2

@MirwaisAkrami we are currently in the middle of launching a major revision to how to build sync-endpoint so the documentation is a bit out of date. We hope to have it wrapped up in the next week. In the mean time you should be able to build the "odk/sync-endpoint" image from the opendatakit/sync-endpoint repo. After installing Docker simply type "mvn clean install" and it will create the image "odk/sync-endpoint".

Then follow the instructions on the repo and it should work.


docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml syncldap

is what you run when you complete setting everything up from the "sync-endpoint-default-setup" repo.

(Fred Van Dyk) #3

HI Waylon, Has the major revision launched and has the documentation caught up yet?
I'm trying to configure a standard install of Sync Endpoints on a cloud server. I'm looking at this documentation:


(Waylon Brunette) #4

The documentation has now been updated on the docs website.

(Fred Van Dyk) #5

great, thanks. I know it can be a lot of work.

(Fred Van Dyk) #6

I configured a new sync endpoint using the standard instructions. I created a server from digital ocean image with Docker 18.06.1~ce~3 on an Ubuntu 18.04 platform.

All seemed to go well until I go to the login screen. None of the default accounts work. I can't get past the login screen:

I tried changing the account password. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions?

(Benjamin Koskei) #7

I have checked on this.
Thank you

(Fred Van Dyk) #8

I get the message: Incorrect username or password.

(Mirwais Akrami) #9

I am also getting the same error message, though I have created this user in LDAP admin

Incorrect username or password

(Fred Van Dyk) #10

Any suggestions about how to troubleshoot this issue?

(Fred Van Dyk) #11

I'm still stuck here.

Could this be an issue with the docker port configuration? or swarm mode?
I had to select an advertise and listen address in docker, and I was not sure how these should be configured. Here is what docker ps looks like:

Note: this is not a local machine as indicated in the thread title.

Problem connecting ODK Services to Sync Endpoint
(George Hare) #12

@fvandyk and @MirwaisAkrami, I was caught by this too. When you are creating the user in the LDAP admin, you need to make sure you add the user to the correct group i.e admin = 500. The memberUid attribute is not added by default, so you will need to add it to each group and then add the use as shown in this screen-shot.

Hope this helps.


(Fred Van Dyk) #13

Thanks George!
That is helpful. I was finally able to access this interface.

Previously, I didn't realize I needed HTTPS. Changing to HTTPS I was able to access the PHP +LDAP +admin interface.

However, I'm getting these 2 message when I try to login with admin:
Unable to connect to LDAP server ldap-service
Error: Invalid DN syntax (34) for user
error Failed to Authenticate to server
Invalid Username or Password.


(George Hare) #14


Are you using the full login username i.e "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org", not just "admin"?

(Fred Van Dyk) #15

Thanks George!
That did it.
I was not using that full login name. oops! I should have taken the instructions literally.
Thanks for your time--much appreciated.