Problems in configuring sync-endpoint on local machine


(Mirwais Akrami) #1

I am trying to setup the odk sync_endpoint according to the steps in odk documentations,

I am using docker toolbox and changed it to swarm mode using the command
docker swarm init

after that I cloned the repository and also ran all the commands successfully

my problem is
1 : where should I mention my hostname and what must it be
It checked the file but could find security.server.hostname, should I add it myself? -
which I did
2: after deploying the stack using the command
docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml syncldap, what should I do next?
From the documentation I must go to after some 30s which I did but didn't get anything

@rrowlands, @linl33
Please provide some hints to me, I have tried all what I found but to no avail.

(Waylon Brunette) #2

@MirwaisAkrami we are currently in the middle of launching a major revision to how to build sync-endpoint so the documentation is a bit out of date. We hope to have it wrapped up in the next week. In the mean time you should be able to build the "odk/sync-endpoint" image from the opendatakit/sync-endpoint repo. After installing Docker simply type "mvn clean install" and it will create the image "odk/sync-endpoint".

Then follow the instructions on the repo and it should work.


docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml syncldap

is what you run when you complete setting everything up from the "sync-endpoint-default-setup" repo.

(Fred Van Dyk) #3

HI Waylon, Has the major revision launched and has the documentation caught up yet?
I'm trying to configure a standard install of Sync Endpoints on a cloud server. I'm looking at this documentation:


(Waylon Brunette) #4

The documentation has now been updated on the docs website.

(Fred Van Dyk) #5

great, thanks. I know it can be a lot of work.