Project Management Committee (PMC) meeting notes

(Yaw Anokwa) #1

ODK is currently governed by a Project Management Committee (PMC). The rules and responsibilities of the PMC are detailed here, but in summary, the PMC's role is to ensure the ODK project runs smoothly.

The current PMC members are @Richard_Anderson, @yanokwa, @W_Brunette, and @Carl_Hartung.

In order to provide greater visibility into the goings-on of PMC, the PMC will update this topic with the notes from our monthly meetings. We try to be as open as possible, but sensitive topics (e.g., involving individuals, exploratory work) will be excluded.

If there is an issue within the notes that you'd like to discuss, please start a new topic.

Preview of upcoming static site's content & structure
Transition status
Community Update - 2017-11-08
(Yaw Anokwa) #2

September 13th, 2017

All committee members were present. @podolsky was also present to continue his help with transition execution.

  • Improving PMC communication on forum
    • PMC meeting notes topic with meeting agenda and next steps (@yanokwa will do)
    • Transition status topic with done/todo/blocking (@podolsky will do)
    • These topics will be linked from website and made definitive (@yanokwa will do)
    • Posts to these topics need consensus from PMC with 24 hours
  • Ongoing release announcements
    • Planning October announcement that's widely circulated
      • Transition status
      • ODK 1 features so far
      • ODK 2 releases so far
  • Technical steering committee (TSC)
    • Survey shows that some 30 people want to serve on boards
      • Needs to be clear expectations and some application process
    • Review of DIAL's OSC offerings to help form committees and boards
    • Review of Node.js governance as a good default governance
    • Consensus on moving forward with TSC
      • Deepen working relationship with DIAL (@yanokwa will do)
      • Node.js governance is a good place to start for 1.0
        • PMC needs to prepare this in an internal document (@podolsky will do)
        • Once PMC reviews, post for external feedback
      • @yanokwa should propose a technical roadmap for 1.0
        • Fits under current governance
        • Facilitate dialog around the roadmap, direction, pace
        • Radical changes should be delayed until new governance
      • Tentatively start with ODK 1 TSC, then Transition Board (PM), then ODK 2 TSC.
        • We can't wait for perfection. Must make progress under current governance.
        • Hope is to prepare a few docs for TB as guidance
  • ODK website
    • Discussion of how Drupal site is proposed (@W_Brunette will post)
  • ODK 2.0 developer calls
    • Lots of people on vacation. @W_Brunette is re-engaging.
  • Increasing PMC meeting frequency?
    • Yes, but not scheduled. Meet when tasks are complete and need feedback.
  • Other
    • @yanokwa will be traveling over the next few weeks.

(Yaw Anokwa) #4

September 26th, 2017

All committee members were present. @podolsky was also present to continue his help with transition execution.

(Yaw Anokwa) #5

October 10th, 2017

All committee members were present.

  • TSC governance discussions
    • PMC needs to iterate on feedback and post update
    • Applications for membership will tentatively run from Nov 1-31
  • DIAL OSC Statement of work
    • Ensure website and TSC work are included
  • ODK 2
    • Dev team now at (2 internal, 1 external)
    • Upcoming point release and Google Play Store release
    • @W_Brunette continues to remind people for developer calls
  • PMC will prepare community announcement (ETA: Oct 17th)
    • ODK 1 (release highlights, point to docs website)
    • ODK 2 (release highlights, staff changes)
    • Links to discussion about TSC governance
    • Forum tips (e.g., introduce yourself, add flag)
  • Action items

(Yaw Anokwa) #6

November 14th, 2017

Present: @yanokwa @W_Brunette @Carl_Hartung

Absent: @Richard_Anderson

  • Project happenings

  • ODK 1 Update

    • Android testing workshop was well attended. More of those are coming.
    • Nafundi brought on a new dev to work on Aggregate and other tools. More at ODK Aggregate future plans.
    • pyxform is up-to-date and ODK can now ship updates too. More at Pyxform release process.
    • We will be shipping improved server for XLSForm to prevent downtime like from last week. That plus distributing server access to non-UW people should help.
    • The consensus is that we have a number of new committers that need approval and old committers that should be removed and we need a process around this.
  • ODK 2 Update

    • Developer calls got bumped. Consensus reached on times starting in December. Plan is to ship monthly releases across most of the tools. More at ODK 2.0 Developer Calls
  • DIAL Grant: Ideas wanted: Up to $25,000 USD available to improve ODK

    • Consensus that this is a great way to get new folks into the project. UW and Nafundi should not apply, but should instead facilitate.
    • We need a framework document for community members to stick in their proposals.
  • TSC formation

    • Haven't heard from Open Source Center (OSC) in a while. We should draft an initial application to get the ball rolling.
    • Suggestion made for moving forward with rough application on Google Forms with questions like name, org, history with ODK, the reason you want to be on TSC, how much time can you commit, any known risks or conflicts of interest.
    • Consensus is that draft application should be sent to OSC and they should take lead to ensure a fair and transparent process.
    • Hope is that PMC can vote in mid-Dec, but it's probable this will get bumped to Jan because of holidays.
  • Concept notes

    • No clear decision made yet on concept notes
    • Suggestion made that given the time it has taken to do anything, we think about adopting G (no Transition Board). Then New PMC forms transition Working Group, leads Mission/Values, etc.
    • There is a consensus that the speed and lack of participants to drive these efforts is a problem. This suggestion is a potentially big change and will require some more discussion. In the meanwhile, there are parallelizable tasks (e.g., Mission/Values) to do to speed things up. Also, discuss with OSC.
  • Action items

    • @yanokwa Setup meeting with OSC to discuss TSC selection for next week
    • @yanokwa Draft policy document for GitHub permissions
    • @yanokwa Draft proposal template for DIAL grant
    • @W_Brunette Will review ODK site, OpenMRS, OpenLMIS, and existing discussions and draft a Mission/Values document for community feedback.

TSC status and expected time commitment
(Yaw Anokwa) #7

December 12, 2017

All committee members were present.

  • Previous action items status

    • Yaw will draft policy document for GitHub permissions
      • Probably a few weeks
    • Waylon will review ODK site, OpenMRS, OpenLMIS, and existing discussions and draft a Mission/Values document for community feedback
      • Will sends out on Friday to TSC. If OK, ships to community on Monday.
  • ODK 1 Update

    • XLSForm updates
      • New xlsform-online server is live with new pyxform
      • OK to deprecate xlsform-for-windows and replace with xlsform-offline
    • Collect release coming in a few days
      • Backwards movement, islamic and coptic calendars
    • Briefcase re-architecture is in progress
      • Sets up for CLI improvements, export improvements
    • Logging and analytics are next
      • Aggregate database report tool is in progress
      • No auto-repair just yet, just gathering data
      • Expecting beta in early 2018
    • First part of docs re-org (Collect) on new site is finished
      • Aggregate is next, then Briefcase
      • Outreachy students have started their projects
  • ODK 2 Update

    • Release 2.0.2 on 12/11 -
    • Focus on a new tool ODK Deploy to replace Application Designer
    • Documentation January moving sphinx
    • Developer calls happened, but ideas to make it better?
      • Reminder emails and call
      • Agenda a week before
  • TSC formation

    • We have 13 applications
    • Yaw will post applications in forum and link to call for applications and email applicants
    • Initial votes asynchronously on the 20th. Announcement in early 2018.
  • Concept notes

    • Punt on decisions into early 2018
  • End of year announcement

    • Punt into New Year and include:
      • Results of TSC election
      • Numbers update (everything is up!)
  • Website

    • Review and discuss Richard's proposed plan
    • Summary
      • Yaw: New website, static site, no Drupal
      • Waylon: New website, in a timely fashion
      • Richard/Carl: New website, ship Drupal today
    • Next steps: Forming website group immediately
  • Action items

(Yaw Anokwa) #8

January 9, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1 Update

    • TSC formed and meeting on Wednesday
      • Unless otherwise decided, priority is roadmap
      • @yanokwa owes a draft PMC committer policy and TSC can help
    • Planned Briefcase release in Jan and Aggregate and Collect release in Feb
  • ODK 2 Update

    • Two releases in Dec and skipping Jan
    • Docs reorganization is happening
    • Expecting to form TSC soon with similar governance to ODK 1
  • Transition priorities (See Transition status for more)

    • Website launch targetted for end of Jan
      • Good momentum so far. PMC follow up with working group next week
    • Mission and values
      • @W_Brunette is preparing a draft for PMC, then goes to community
    • ODK 2 TSC
      • Likely same governance as ODK 1
    • Renaming ODK 2
    • Transition board
  • Early February community announcement

    • Good opportunity to update on website launch, governance changes, releases

(Yaw Anokwa) #9

February 13, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • TSC is on third meeting and seems to be going well.
    • Upcoming releases are on track
      • Collect: Image map, Google Sheets repeats, required questions
      • Briefcase: Multiple exports are out. So is new UI testing. Pull before export, save passwords, and analytics/error reporting ship in a few weeks.
        • Error reporting doesn't need to be opt-out (same as Collect), but we should update privacy policy.
      • Aggregate: Black box testing plan (as opposed to existing DB testing), exports with duplicates don’t crash, Java 9 support
      • Docs process continues, but slowly
        • Automated screenshots, syntax checking
        • Yaw looking for ways to speed up
    • GSoC/Outreachy
      • Started yesterday. Lots of students and a couple of promising ones already.
    • Community
      • Growing at 200/month.
      • User interviews process working.
    • DIAL grant around XForms/XLSForm has started.
    • Digital Square proposal for Aggregate passed the first test.
  • ODK 2
    • Two different calls for different zones (9 people showed)
    • Pre-release v2.0.3 is out - release scheduled by end of February
    • Focus on documentation and the website
    • Slack channels will be added
      • Discuss on meta
  • Transition priorities
    • Mission and values draft is ready for PMC to review
      • Came from convening notes and from OpenLMIS
      • PMC will review for one week and then Waylon will send it out
    • Website: Yaw followed up with Michael about mockups, but he’s been at FOSDEM.
    • Quarterly announcement should go out soon
      • Releases, website update, governance changes
      • Yaw will write first draft
  • Open questions
    • ODK website
      • Can we accelerate the process?
      • PMC will follow up with emails over this week
    • ODK 2 Docs. PR needs PMC feedback and guidance.
    • Social media persons needed. Yaw will move forward with an announcement.
  • Potential convening
    • There is interest, but no great poll of funds
    • Yaw will start asking around

Action items

  • @yanokwa/@W_Brunette will follow up with Michael about website
  • @W_Brunette will incorporate Mission/Values and send out to community
  • @yanokwa will write first draft of quarterly announcement
  • @yanokwa will look at docs splitting issue

(Yaw Anokwa) #10

March 22, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • Roadmap:
    • TSC process is documented at
    • Potential new tool. See TSC discussions
    • Releases
      • Aggregate v1.5 beta is out
        • Testing plan, Java 9, non-crashy exports
        • New VM
      • Collect v1.14 beta is out
        • Google sheets repeats
        • Autoform updates, SMS submissions next
      • Briefcase will be out in a few weeks
        • Pull before export, overwrites, save passwords, CLI push
        • Remote logging and analytics
      • JavaRosa/XForms
        • Xforms-events coming soon
        • randomize
      • Docs
        • Rework form design guides
        • Generate PDFs for offline docs
        • Fancier build environment for shared docs
      • Other
        • GSoC going well. Deadline March 27th.
        • Digital Square proposal on hold
        • No social media person announcement
  • ODK 2
    • GSoC project
    • Attempting to maintain monthly release schedule (this month should be 2.0.4)
    • Priority for Development from Community: Peer-to-Peer, Async Assign
      • Go to the developer calls for more input to roadmap
    • Focus on adding new documentation to the docs website
      • Give Jeff access to docs so he can review and merge Waylon’s. And vice-versa.
  • Transition priorities
    • EU GDPR is coming in 60 days
      • Are we in compliance? Probably not.
        • Hoping to get more information in April
        • Basically encryption and logging
      • Follow up with Downey for what others are doing
    • Website
      • Finalized location structure for 2 docs
      • Moved repo over from DIAL and turned on S3/Cloudfront
        • staging is mostly working
      • Start accepting issues/PRs
      • Set go live date - March 29thish
        • Working group files issues
        • Yaw/Waylon review and merge PRs
        • Check on Downey's availability
      • Community announcement - April 5thish
        • Yaw owes first draft
        • Anything that must be in it?
      • Sequencing
        • Mission and Vision, naming, ODK 2 TSC, TB/Governance, etc
        • Yaw will update transition status

(Yaw Anokwa) #11

April 11, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • Aggregate v1.15 is out
      • Next up: GAE SDK and Java updates
    • Collect v1.14 is out
      • Next up: Form updates, SMS submissions
    • Briefcase v1.10 is out
      • Pull before export, overwrites, save passwords, CLI push
      • Next up: Faster exports, difference formats
    • pyxform v0.11.0 is out
      • Next up: XLSForm online/offline
    • Docs
      • Rework form design guides to reduce support
      • Announced next week
    • TSC
  • ODK 2
    • Releases
    • Docs
      • Transferred the docs from general website to docs website
      • Community
    • GSOC/Outreachy are in selection phase
      • Strong proposals from good candidates
      • April 24th selection announcement date
    • No community announcement draft
    • No social media person announcement
  • Transition priorities
    • Website process
      • Waylon/Yaw/Michael talked and have put community process in place
      • Waylon decided to bump dates. Yaw agreed.
      • Gaps: Waylon will ask people on forum to start taking on issues
      • Waylon/Yaw coordinate on a good time block
    • High priority issues that are blocking shipping have been tagged
      • Much more to do that was expected to get to launch
    • Help needed to move to resolve those issues. There are gaps and the people who are best positioned to fill those gaps are busy.
      • Waylon will block out a few days to move PRs forward.
      • Yaw will be available to help move PRs forward.
    • PMC to schedule meeting in 2 weeks or less
  • Discussion of community concerns about the sequencing of transition tasks
    • Agreement that 1 and 2 naming isn’t great
    • Confusion is a problem
      • Having multiple websites with wrong information creates confusion
      • Naming creates some confusion
    • PMC will be considering possible solutions in the next two weeks and will hold a non-regular meeting to discuss before the next monthly meeting. Summary of the thoughts discussed:
      • Start a conversation around naming that tries to separate larger issues with branding, ecosystem to move quickly
      • Might be easier to propose a expeditious rename of ODK 2
      • There are numerous improvements going on with the ODK project. A website relaunch should not be blocked by content as the content will always be changing. There should not need to be major project change to relaunch a website. The issues should be able to be kept separated as change will continue. We strive to find sequences that work but if we wait for all changes the website could be delayed indefinitely.
      • You only get a website launch in front of people once. It can be minimal launch, but it has to be clear and cohesive because you only get one shot.
    • PMC should respond in the forum about sequencing so the community understands some of the issues and can suggest some ways forward.
    • Interim steps to accelerate process
      • Publish Drafts Mission and Values this weekend
      • Keep pushing on the changes to the website
  • Action items
    • Waylon: Draft message to forum responding to some concerns about sequencing. Share with PMC.
    • Waylon: Draft message to the website workgroup asking to join GitHub. Share with PMC.
    • Waylon: Send revised draft mission and values to PMC
    • Waylon/Yaw: Schedule a non-regular PMC meeting in a week or two.

Preview of upcoming static site's content & structure
(Yaw Anokwa) #12

May 10, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK
    • Collect: Beta in a few days
      • Form update notifications, dark mode, file picker, satellite display, etc.
      • Almost done: SMS submissions, background geo
      • Next up: Rework repeats, autocomplete
    • Briefcase: Beta in a few weeks
      • Faster exports, faster push
      • Next up, multiple exports as part of Outreachy
    • Aggregate: Nothing to report
      • TSC has reviewed security report. Hope to fix priority issues soon.
    • XLSForm: Upgrade to new pyxform
      • Online and Offline with new pyxform
    • Docs: Lots of docs shipped
      • Question types, form logic, styling, operators, functions, logging
    • Skunkworks: New repo to incubate projects
      • GSOC P2P Sync
      • Jubilant Garbanzo
        • TSC has approved June public beta
  • ODK 2
    • Release of 2.0.5 coming in the next week
      • Code clean up. Respond to feedback.
    • Upcoming GSoC project Push Notification
    • Beta of Peer-To-Peer synchronization expected June
  • Community
    • Member count doubled since launch. Now at 7K.
    • DIAL Grant announced: Only one project will be funded.
  • Review action items (review all, then discuss)
    • Waylon/Yaw: Schedule a non-regular PMC meeting in a week or two.
      • Not done, but water under the bridge.
    • Waylon: Send revised draft mission and values to PMC.
      • We are basically done.
    • Waylon: Draft message to the website workgroup asking to join GitHub.
      • Done.
    • Waylon: Draft message to forum responding to some concerns about sequencing.
      • Ongoing. See agenda
  • Agenda
    • Ongoing draft message to the forum
      • No consensus, so message to community saying so and we can put out individual opinion.
    • Website update
      • Process seems to be working OK
      • Yaw has been fixing critical issues, Waylon has been merging
      • Couple of contributors taking on quick issues
      • Blocking on response to community
    • Some proposals
      • PMC should speak as one when a decision has been made. Lack of public proposals is a pain point because they are hard for community to eval. We can be more transparent and I think it’ll go faster. We do this on TSC and it works great.
      • Consensus we have is not lazy enough
    • Can’t wait a month to meet
      • Same time, next week
    • Community message
      • Yaw: will send
  • Action items
    • Waylon: Publish his note on forum that we can’t reach consensus. Express opinions individually.
    • Waylon: Mission and values are done. Should go into governance repo
    • Yaw: Community announcement draft

Feedback on Draft of ODK's Mission and Values
(Yaw Anokwa) #13

May 21, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • Mission and values -
    • Officially adopted
  • Website proposal -
    • Richard: Suggestion of launch on Friday, May 25, 2018.
    • Carl: Launch of Friday OK.
    • Waylon: I agree that sooner than June 15th, we have had a long process already seeking website feedback and don’t want to restart that. However, we should give a week (29th) so people can clarify any wording, help to decrease confusion, or bring up other concerns.
    • Yaw: OK with 29th.
  • Naming
    • Yaw: Will start a thread for PMC to post suggestions to start.
    • Waylon: Suggest post a process to the forum, invite the community to give suggestions. One strawman of the process is to post a survey to gather suggestions, PMC consults with ODK 1 TSC and ODK 2 devs to produce a small list with a few options. Finally, post the remaining options for the community to chose.
    • Richard: Gather suggestions, PMC discusses, set of options go back out the community. Concern that discussion re: process prevents starting.
      • Propose separate thread
    • Waylon: Will post to start the process thread asking some questions and go from there.
  • Next steps
    • Yaw: Post date on the forum. Same review and merge process as before.
      • If Yaw/Waylon don’t agree. Require tie-breaker from a member of the PMC.
      • Richard/Carl will be around for tie-breaking (hopefully not needed).
    • Waylon: Post starts the process thread. Will invite others.

Should renaming come before the website launch?
(Yaw Anokwa) #14

June 12, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • Collect: Hot-fix out in a few days
      • 400K installs on Play Store, Ona closed their fork
      • Next up: SMS submissions, background geo, rework repeats, auto complete widget
    • Briefcase: Beta is out, release coming in a few days
      • Good community engagement on betas, numbers going up.
      • Outreachy: Good progress
    • Aggregate
      • Prepping for Java/GWT/GAE deprecations
      • Release in about two weeks with important security fixes
    • Central: Alpha released
      • Next up: Form multimedia, form encryption, view submissions
      • Then: Form grouping, data editing, web hooks
    • Share
      • GSOC: Steady progress. Plenty of interest.
    • TSC
  • ODK 2
    • Preview of revised ODK Submit "alpha"
      • Android submission (P2P and server-client)
    • GSoC on ODK Notifications started
    • Release 2.0.6 will happen after Submit "alpha"
      • Stabilize APIs before release
  • PMC

(Yaw Anokwa) #15

Present: @yanokwa @W_Brunette @Richard_Anderson
Absent: @Carl_Hartung

  • ODK 1

    • Collect v1.16: SMS submissions and rank in beta. Next up, background geo, repeats, auto-complete, etc.
    • Aggregate v1.6: Release with Docker support, deprecation/security fixes is out. Next up, more security fixes, low hanging UI tweaks
    • Briefcase v1.12: Upcoming release with performance improvements to export
    • Central v0.2: Upcoming release with form attachments, view submissions, odk-meta support
    • JavaRosa v2.12: Upcoming release with background events
    • XLSForm v1.7: Upcoming release with guidance hints, randomizing selects
    • Docs: Github links, smaller images, Central docs
    • GSoC: Share app is coming along. Evals due end of this week.
    • TSC:
      • Applying for grants together to make improvements across ecosystem
      • More tools being added under that umbrella
      • Speccing longitudinal data
      • One member to step down
  • ODK 2

    • Release status - Preparing a non-backwards compatible release for August
      • Needed for Submit alpha release
    • GSOC: Evals due end of this week!
      • Jeff meeting today with student
    • Android apps: Are currently compiling at 27 (minimum 26)
    • Aggregate: Can we drop Tables code?
      • Yup.
  • PMC

    • Priorities from the group and timelines
    • Yaw proposal to get transition finished by end of November
      • Too few people to drive things forward. Spread the responsibility.
      • ODK 2 TSC formation by August 31st-ish
        • PMC: Adopt ODK 1 governance as the default for ODK 2
        • PMC: Use ODK 1 process for election of TSC
        • Three people is the minimum
      • ODK PMC tentative election by October 15th-ish
        • TSCs nominate a person for the PMC for guaranteed slot
        • Public applications from the community for two other slots
          • Primary goal of this initial PMC is to look at overall governance, with a focus on long term sustainability
        • Existing TSCs and current PMC pick two more
        • Mostly use ODK 1 governance
      • Yaw: ODK 2 TSC formation stuff this week
      • Yaw: Start convos around PMC with Carl’s feedback. Tentative two weeks from now meeting.
  • Next steps

    • Yaw: Start conversations around ODK 2 TSC formation
    • Yaw: Start convos around PMC with Carl’s feedback. Tentative two weeks from now meeting.
    • Yaw: Write announcement post

(Yaw Anokwa) #16

August 14, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1

    • Collect hot fixes for dark mode, area calc, placement-map, GSheets
    • Briefcase hot fixes for Collect export, unicode export, storage dir issues
    • Aggregate v1.6.0 hotfixes for form encryption corruption
    • Pull binaries and point people to v1.6.1
    • XLSForm release with guidance hints, randomizing selects, max-pixels, rank widget, SMS support
    • Upcoming releases
      • Collect: Geo improvements
      • Aggregate: Security fixes, deprecations, ODK 2
      • Central: Form attachments, view submissions
      • Briefcase: Backing database
      • JavaRosa: Background events
      • Docs: Tweaks to XLSForm, Aggregate, Briefcase, Collect, SMS forms
    • Interns
      • GSoC: Share app report is up
      • GSoC: Prepping for mentor summit
      • Outreachy: Few weeks from close
    • TSC
      • Applied Nafundi/eHA/Ona/Biostat for two grants.
        • Passed first bar on DS, looking good on DIAL.
      • Finalizing process for adopting ODK tool
      • Election finishes next week. Number of good applications.
    • FYI
      • JetBrains licensing has changed. ODK is likely not eligible.
  • ODK 2

    • Update on August release
      • Non backwards compatible, will be number 2.1
      • Scheduled for end of month
    • Any funding/resourcing deadlines coming up?
      • Two grants with Red Cross
      • Resourced until spring
  • PMC

    • Community update went out
    • Governance PR needs review
    • Discuss and vote on proposal: ODK 2 TSC Elections. Selection by Oct 1.
      • TSC will then be responsible for moving the remaining bits of ODK 2 out of UW
      • Everyone is a +1. Wait until the ODK 1 stuff finishes, then we’ll start.
    • Renaming
      • Waylon agrees with Yaw’s suggestion. Will write post to start process.
    • Proposed next steps for overall governance
      • TSCs nominate a person for the PMC for guaranteed slot
      • Public applications from the community for n other slots, where n could be 0
      • Primary goal of this initial PMC is to look at overall governance, with a focus on long-term sustainability
      • TSCs chairs unanimously select the n
      • Use existing governance
      • All agree to discuss over email. We have time.
  • Next steps

    • Waylon review governance PR
    • Waylon publish naming posts
    • Yaw make sure there isn't an IntelliJ dependency on Aggregate

(Yaw Anokwa) #17

September 18, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • Collect: SMS submissions, rank. Beta with Android permissions and speedups out.
    • Briefcase: Performance and UX improvements shipped
    • Aggregate: Security fixes, deprecations are coming
    • Central: Form uploads and view submissions shipped, next release criteria soon
    • Docs: Mostly catching up on the backlog.
    • Interns: GSoC/Outreachy over. Mentor summit in October.
    • TSC
      • Three new members. Dan, Guillermo, Martijn
      • Won grant for core tools, localization, including pyxform
      • Submitting another grant today to do more technical work
  • ODK 2
    • v2.1.0 is out. Internally not backward compatible with v2.* Targets API 26 and compiles with API 28. See release notes.
      • Analytics has been added. In all three Android tools.
    • Next release: Focus on updating secondary tools to match v2.1, including Submit
      • Aiming for October releases.
    • TSC
      • Call for applications ends on Oct 1. Invite more people.
  • PMC
    • ODK 2 Renaming topic: Help Rename ODK "2"
      • Timelines: End public discussion Sept 31.
      • Oct 1 - Oct 10: Waylon: Will mediate the process of taking suggested names to shrink the list with ODK 2 devs and PMC.
      • Oct 11 - Oct 15: Public forum discussion of the narrowed names.
        • ODK 1 TSC will be tagged

Help Rename ODK "2"
(Yaw Anokwa) #18

October 16, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • Collect: SMS improvements, November Play Store fixes
    • Briefcase: Select multiples, audit file merge, GeoJSON. v2 with deprecations next.
    • Aggregate: Beta shipping today, v2.0 with deprecations next
    • Central: Multiple attachments, infinite scroll, internal analytics
    • Docs: Dockerfile workflow, reducing contribution blocks
    • Interns: Lots of learning from GSoC summit to implement
    • TSC
      • New members have been onboarded
      • DS grant was submitted
  • ODK 2
    • TSC
      • Call for public questions over. No public questions.
      • Discussions for who would be a good candidate.
      • Process: Ordered list done through email and combined them to determine.
    • Naming
      • Proposed process is to put TSCs/PMC/Core in private group. Post the culled list along with list of concerns that PMC is aware of and start discussion.
  • Next steps
    • Yaw: Review the TSC process and remind PMC
    • Yaw: Put a list of naming concerns

(Yaw Anokwa) #19

November 20, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1

    • Collect: Play store fixes are in. Devs are on break, but SMS workflow, audit log next.
    • Briefcase: Beta is out with GeoJSON, select multiples, remove groups. Release this Fri.
    • Aggregate: Release is out, v2 with deprecations is in progress.
    • Central: User stories for Projects (groups of forms/users) is in progress
  • ODK 2

    • TSC meet a few days ago.
      • Introduction Meeting
      • Twice a month meeting. Rotating lead.
      • Dropping developer calls and calling them community calls.
      • Default to TSC 1 process unless a good reason.
    • Upcoming release: Submit Alpha, Sensors Framework Update, Sync-Endpoint build system update, bug fixes rest of tools.
  • Naming

    • Yaw will put TSCs/PMC/Core in private group. Post the culled list along with list of concerns that PMC is aware of and start discussion.
  • Next steps

    • Yaw: Start naming conversation

(Yaw Anokwa) #20

December 11, 2018

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1

    • Collect: Hot fix for randomize is in. GPS audit, changes to repeats, icons, etc are next.
    • Briefcase: Release is out with GeoJSON, selects, groups. Hot fix out next week.
    • Aggregate: Hot fix for randomize is out.
    • XLSForm: Big pyxform release with relative referencing is out. Dependent tools being updated.
    • Central: Good turnout on call. Projects feature is on track for release early next year.
    • TSC:
      • Funding update
      • Deprecations update
      • Election early next year
  • ODK 2

    • Releases: Happening this week
      • Redo of maven setup Sync-Endpoint to use docker for testing (working on CircleCI)
      • Submit alpha
      • Sensors framework update
      • Bug fixes for Survey, Tables, Services
    • TSC:
  • PMC

    • Use of screenshots in film: Yes.
    • Naming ending on 15th
      • Sounds like consensus
      • PMC will have further discussions and update folks on naming.
      • Ask people not to say anything yet since it’s not official
    • Waylon
      • Will do some research, email PMC, once we get some agreement, then PM to same folks on the rest of renaming.
    • What does finishing look like?
      • Richard: Two tool suites. The higher level objective two separate tool suites as co-equal platforms under the ODK umbrella. Naming consistent with that.
        • Thinking some people from each TSC, and maybe some independent people.
        • Timeline: Timely fashion
      • Yaw: Agreed with Richard on getting Overall Governance and skipping transition board.
      • Carl: Richard’s view seems like a reasonable end game.
      • Waylon: Apache like structure is a goal, is in agreement with Richard’s view
        • Richard/Yaw: Preferred focus on the two things we have.
    • Transition board
      • The current PMC will hand things off to a new PMC with overall governance
      • If said new PMC wants to do a transition board, they can (e.g., through working group)

(Yaw Anokwa) #21

January 15, 2019

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1
    • Collect: Big release heading into code freeze. Location tracking, new form hierarchy viewer
    • Aggregate: Big release in code freeze. Lots of deprecations of publishers, removal of App Engine support.
    • Central: Projects support shipping in a few weeks.
    • XLSForm: Performance regressions fixed
    • Briefcase: On break
    • TSC
      • Election process has started
      • Conflict of interest on re-election resolved
  • ODK 2
  • PMC
    • Yaw: Email Michael to look for representative governance.
    • Yaw: Email ODK 1 folks to ask for suggestions on how to distinguish TSCs (Due Jan 24th). OK to explore ideas that renames ODK 2 TSC.
    • Waylon: Look at open source models that have a representative governance.