Project Management Committee (PMC) meeting notes


March 5, 2019

All @PMC members were present.

  • ODK 1

    • Collect: v1.20 out and stable. Big release with Location tracking, new form hierarchy, disabled SMS, geo changes.
      • Next up: More geo, previous values.
    • Aggregate: v2.0.1 out. Big release with deprecations for GAE.
      • Next up: More cloud provider support, cleaning up docs, migration story, etc.
    • Briefcase: v1.14 start from last that saves a lot of time.
      • Next up: New backing database.
    • Central: Projects support has shipped!
      • Next up: Refinement of projects.
    • Build: Release to fix some long standing bugs coming out this week.
    • XLSForm: pyxform changes to support location tracking.
    • JavaRosa: Benchmarking work is starting.
    • TSC
      • New election process worked well and has been documented
      • Two have stepped down, one has been added.
      • Taking on more higher level issues (funding, marketplace, onboarding projects, etc)
    • GSoC: JavaRosa and skunkworks-crow (née Share). Current traction seems to be around crow.
  • ODK 2

    • Upcoming releases - February release delayed to March.
    • Security updates
    • Submit alpha release
    • Bug fixes
    • TSC: Working on forming a roadmap
    • GSoC: Make sure folks are in Slack
  • PMC

    • Timelines: March 31st is the deadline. Not looking good.
    • Naming update proposals
      • Everything should have a unique name
      • Open Data Kit becomes the umbrella and we have ODK and $name
      • $name has a unique name, we remove 1 from everything else.
        • Consensus on this plan.
      • Next steps
        • Drop 1 name. Rename with/without space. In mean time TSCs still be called TSC 1 and TSC 2 until brainstorming/discussion completes.
        • We can start pull requests for governance and website.
        • Yaw will lead actual renaming process.
        • Waylon lead on the brainstorming process and messaging. Coordinate with Yaw.
    • Overall governance
      • Waylon has looked at Linux, Apache, Docker. Will email out findings.
      • Things to think about
        • Pay to play vs not
        • Advisory/independent people having a vote
        • Most have representation in two tier structure
      • Yaw will email Kobo to ask re governance
      • Yaw do his own governance search
      • Haven’t heard back from Michael
    • It’d be nice to have a community update out before end of March.
      • Yaw work with Waylon to do public announcement.

April 16, 2019

All @PMC members were present.

ODK-X Community Call - 2019-05-07