Proposed Process to Rename ODK 2

(Waylon Brunette) #1

The PMC is seeking community suggestions on creating a process to rename ODK 2. Based on the website sequencing discussion there appears to be some amount of community consensus on trying to quickly rename ODK 2.

A possible process might look like:

  1. Start a brainstorming forum topic for ODK 2 name suggestions and an online survey for suggestions for those who don’t feel as comfortable suggesting names on a public thread.
  2. The PMC then takes the list of suggested names and consults with a subset of ODK 2 developers and the ODK 1 TSC about the names to narrow the list to a few choices.
  3. Post the narrowed list of names on the forum for the community to vote on.

@tomsmyth thank you for volunteering to help with renaming facilitation, the PMC is looking forward to hearing your suggestions as well as everyone else’s suggestions about this proposed process.

Help Rename ODK "2"
(Yaw Anokwa) #2

Step 1 seems great. Step 2 could be a little more democratic and Step 3 is prone to drive-by voting.

I'd propose we do Step 1, but instead of Step 2 and Step 3, I propose that the PMC, ODK 1 @TSC, core committers on ODK 2 try to reach consensus on a name through a time-bounded public discussion. If there is strong opposition in those discussions, then the community votes, but voting is limited by to forum members with trust level two or higher (~100 people currently) and GH committers.