Pyxform v1.0 release

Thanks, @Ukang_a_Dickson, for leading the way to a v1.0 release of pyxform! I just looked over the project board and I think that if we could finish what is in progress that would be a great release.

The only issue that hasn't been started that I think we may want to consider doing as part of v1.0 is Generate ODK XForms spec-compliant meta block. We've discussed a way of doing it in a backwards-compatible way so it doesn't strictly need to be in a major release but I think it's a big enough change that it would fit well with the release. Of course, there's a question about whether we even consider it important enough to do at all. @martijnr?

@nribeka you have a number of great PRs open. I think that all have some feedback on them for you to address, most very small things. Will you have time to address those in the near future?

I think I can complete most of those reviews. It would be good to get another pair of eyes on support for dynamic defaults and adding a repeat instance in additional to a template when they are ready.

Is there anything else that you think needs to be done before release, @Ukang_a_Dickson?


The two PRs is updated based on your latest review. Please have a look and see if I miss anything or if I need to add anything else to the PR.


Thanks very much, @nribeka! Both look good to me and I have approved them.

I just realized that switching the bind type for selects to string should also be part of this release if we're going to do it. Waiting for feedback from @ggalmazor, @Ukang_a_Dickson, @jnm on whether this impacts other ecosystem tools.

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Yes, I think so. We should move to following our spec to the letter, and the spec makes sense in that respect. However, fine to do in 1.1 release as well imo.

The version output would be great to get in though (not so much because of 1.0 but because, we'd like to make use of it asap in Enketo).

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Seems A-OK to me from KoBo's perspective. Thanks for notifying us!