Sanitation projects in India

(Narendra) #1

It's nice to know you @Anova_S_Deve, one of our work field is sanitation also and right now we are working in Rajasthan. And soon will start in MP,UP,Orisaa.
Our project is PMA2020.


Introduce yourself here!
Introduce yourself here!
(Anova S Deve) #2

@iamnarendrasingh That's lovely to have met somebody in the same field. I hope to remain in touch and thank you for letting me know about your project. :smiley:

(Gokul Sai Chandan Seethiraju) #3

Hey Anova_S_Deve ,

I am SGSC . I am from Hyderabad ,India . I work on XLSForms , ODKCollect in project I am working . I have been designing forms . If you have any queries I will be glad to help you which will be helpful for me also as I would get to explore new ways and get some good ideas in designing the forms . Looking forward for a good learning experience .
Thanks and Regards,

(Anova S Deve) #4

I'd like to know what project you work on and with whom?

(Narendra) #5

We are working with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and JHU.


(Akshay Patel) #6

Hey welcome to ODK!! Even I am from Pune!!

(Anova S Deve) #7

Hey! Thanks. Who do you work for?

(Akshay Patel) #8

I am a contributor for Collect app.

(Hélène Martin) #9

@Akshay_Patel has been a fantastic contributor over the past few months! Just an idea -- @Anova_S_Deve might it be possible for him (if interested/available) to talk to some of your data collectors and maybe observe a data collection exercise? Seeing the tools at work in person is a fantastic experience and can really help bring up good new ideas for software development.

(Akshay Patel) #10

Sure !!! That would be great. A detailed analysis of use of ODK tools would really help the development team to come up with new features and prioritize existing issues.

(Anova S Deve) #11

I might be able to arrange that for you. Do get in touch, yeah.

(Anup Krishna) #12

Pls make a facility to search for members country wise. It will really help a lot in localisation and improve geographical collaborative work

(Hélène Martin) #13

That's fantastic @Anova_S_Deve, @Akshay_Patel! Keep us posted on your connection.

@mistcrrgpsa if you have ideas on how to make that happen, please share on Country Wise List of Users in ODK Forum. To make this a reality someone will need to take it on and start exploring options!

(Anup Krishna) #14

Shared the same in Country Wise List of Users in ODK Forum, request to process the same

(Akshay Patel) #15

I will be visiting Shelter Associates offices possibly this week or the next one.
I would be writing the case study about the use of tools.
Some guidelines regarding the same will be really helpful.

(Hélène Martin) #16

That is so cool, @Akshay_Patel! I hope you have a wonderful visit. You can take a look at the Showcase to see how others have written up project descriptions. Photos are always really appreciated to make those projects come alive.

I would also recommend you ask anyone you can (data collectors, data managers, etc) about their ODK needs and dreams. I know you're thinking about GSoC projects and collaborating with a local organization to build something they need would be a fantastic approach.

(Akshay Patel) #17

I visited Shelter Associates office today. There are some interesting features that can be added to ODK tools.
I will post a document regarding the visit soon.

(Akshay Patel) #18

@yanokwa @ln I would like to show case the case study on the community forum!!
I have tried to note down my observation as much as possible.
Can I publish it on the forum?

(Hélène Martin) #19

Great to hear you had such a nice visit, @Akshay_Patel! You've now shared the Google doc publicly here and if you'd like to also write it up in the Showcase I think that would be a wonderful idea.