Search in table and list results. (ODK tables)



Hi all

I'm playing around with the HOPE-project included as an example application, to configure the code to my own surveys.

In the HOPE-project, one is able to search on client ID's. I'm trying to alter the javascript femaleClients_list.js.txt (4.7 KB), to display more than more than one search result.
Eg. if two clients have ID = 12345 the search function should list both clients. Now only the first entry is listed.

  1. Does anyone know how to implement this functionality? I imagine this could be done by looping over the search results using searchData.getCount(). But I'm not able to list all search results.
  2. Is there any documentation on the ODK-functions, such as: odkData.query(), odkTables.openTableToListView(), odkData.arbitraryQuery(), etc. explaining their input parameters?

I'm very inexperienced working with javascript - any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Waylon Brunette) #2

Unfortunately, no there is not a good document besides reading the source code. The beginnings of the documentation is here: