Senegal users 🇸🇳

(Abdoulaye Diallo) #1

Hello, my name is Abdoulaye, I’m not a developer but i’m using ODK since 2 months. Anyone else here? We can meet and develop our ability in ODK.

(Narendra) #2

You have Google and Internet with yourself. Even you engage with this forum. You don't have a single person with your self, you have more than 5K person of this community who is always ready to help you.
You need to set up your goals and if you face any problem in making ODK form then you can share on this forum we are always here.


(Abdoulaye Diallo) #3

Thak Narenda. That's very good.

(Yaw Anokwa) #4

All that said, it's always fun to meet other ODKers in person. I have some friends in Dakar so I'll ask around and see what I can turn up :slight_smile:

(Abdoulaye Diallo) #5

Hello, ok Yaw thanks for that.

(Jean Louis Lankia) #6

Hi All, I'm Jean Louis and I have experiences in form development with ODK. I'm open for anyone who want to connect or develop Senegal users community or have any interesting subjects.

Jean Louis.

(Abdoulaye Diallo) #7

Bonjour, Jean content de te voir sur le forum. Peut-être t’arrivers à ne reconnaître.

Abdoulaye (SID).

(Abdoulaye Diallo) #8

Pleas introduce yourself here.

(Jean Louis Lankia) #9

Salut Abdoulaye, je me rappelle maintenant de toi j'espère que tu vas bien ?