Sidebar for Repeat Group Navigation?


(Tom Smyth) #1

What is the general goal of the feature?

Many form designs include repeat groups that may not be filled out in a linear fashion. For such forms, the ability to easily jump from repeat item to repeat item would be a big usability gain. We are wondering if a sidebar may be a useful tool for this.

What are some example use cases for this feature?

Imagine a form for a household with 10 members. The enumerator wishes to first list everyone’s name, and then survey the members one by one, often jumping around the list in a non-linear way. Getting the names at the beginning is important because people may come and go.

Currently, doing this via the jump screen is somewhat painful.

Now that we have the ability to dynamically name repeat items things are somewhat better, but still, if you are on a question in one of the repeat items, to go to a different item, you need to tap: Jump > Go Up > Expand Arrow > Desired Item > Desired Question. That’s 5 taps for each jump! If you’re doing this a lot, that’s a lot!

The Carter Center previously developed a custom app that had a sidebar for this purpose. See the screenshot below:

They are now moving to ODK but are missing the ability to jump around repeats easily.

Some notes on relevant functionality from the screenshot:

  • The questions in each item are displayed like ODKs field-list style, and tapping an item in the sidebar brings you to the top of the questions.
  • There is a button to easily add a new repeat. ODK is missing this presently.

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?

At first, just by talking to folks and figuring out what works for the community! Development contribution is also a possibility once we figure out a way forward.