Slider widget with text as begin and end label

(Toon Driesen) #1

What is the general goal of the feature?
To have a slider widget with text instead of numbers at the ends of the range bar and without the label of the numeric value on top of the bar. So basically it would be a slider allowing respondents to indicate a 'preference' in between 2 text values (more of A, more of B or somewhere in between). This would give a numeric value as output (without showing the label of this output on the screen). So, it would be an adjusted form of the 'range widget'

What are some example use cases for this feature?
This feature could be used for quantifying the output of qualitative questions. Respondents can be asked to position themselves or their story on a continuum between 2 opposites. The position of the slider corresponds with a value (which is the output, not shown on the screen). This is a feature which is used to let respondents evaluate their 'own stories'. The respondents position themselves on this continuum by using the slider. Please see the example below:

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
We are very happy to provide you more info on the use of such type of questions.

Help with custom feature of Range Widget
(Yaw Anokwa) #2

@Toon_Driesen Thanks for writing this up! Would you want to specify the values or is a range of 0-1 always sufficient.

Also, have you seen this implemented in another piece of software? I ask because we might want to see how it was done.

(andualem) #3

Thank you all to see this feature request for discussion.
To add more information ... , we used slider with label for likert scale questions types, with label "Strongly Disagree" in one end and "Strongly Agree" in the other end. I will share you the screenshot of the application which was used for PMA2020 projects. Thanks!

(Dr. Gareth S. Bestor) #4

How would you envision the colors of the slider being determined? Could these be hardcoded - eg always red at both ends with green in middle, as in your diagram - or would these needs to be configurable per widget? Asking because colors can often convey an implicit bias (eg green=preferable/'good', red=undesirable/'bad') and they would appear to play a not insignificant visual role in your example. Or should the slider be a neutral color? ...

(Toon Driesen) #5

Hi Yaw,

I know the SenseMaker App from Cognitive Edge uses these type of questions. I think they call it 'dyads'.
We are looking for a range rather than values (so, not like a likert scale, but a range from let's say 0 to 100).

Kind regards,

(Toon Driesen) #6

Hi, thanks for your feedback. The colors are helpful, but not a first priority as such. I think they could help the respondent in using the sliders (especially visualising the "centre" of the slider bar).